Necessity of lutein after myopia

Abstract: high myopia is prone to retinal detachment, hydrops, flying mosquito disease, and even permanent blindness. Supplementing enough lutein can provide sufficient nutrition for the eyes and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

lutein has become a hot topic recently. Many people will ask us, what is the role of lutein? Is lutein supplementation necessary after myopia? The effect of lutein nutrients on eyes after myopia?


the eye is a visual organ. The eye is a visual organ and a window to the soul. More than 90% of the information of the human brain is obtained through the eyes. It is stimulated by light, so that the body can perceive the image, color and movement of objective objects. The data show that the myopia rate of primary and middle school students in China has more than doubled in recent ten years, and the myopia of primary and middle school students is increasing by 100 degrees every year.


in the learning stage when we use our eyes the strongest, our eyes have a heavier burden, a serious lack of rest, our eyes are not properly protected, and we are not supplemented with enough nutrients. Myopia will become more and more serious. On the one hand, the aggravation of myopia affects the improvement of our learning efficiency, on the other hand, it will cause some trouble to our life. More often, students who are already short-sighted are very distressed and worried about the aggravation of their myopia. They are afraid of the aggravation of myopia and the formation of high myopia.

therefore, after myopia, we need to better protect the nearsighted eyes, whether from the perspective of eye protection or nutritional needs. Here we propose lutein nutrient. Lutein is a substance that exists in the macular region of the eyeball, accounting for more than 60% of the nutrients of the whole eyeball. It has the function of filtering blue light and antioxidation. It is our “invisible Sunglasses”. It provides us with effective nutrients to prevent and reduce the aggravation of myopia.


lutein are good antioxidants, which can avoid oxidative damage to the retina when absorbing light; It can protect the microvessels of the eyes and maintain good blood circulation.

  2. Alleviate eyesight fatigue, improve eyesight and prevent myopia from forming


. Lutein is a high and strong antioxidant, which can help filter out blue light and reduce color difference. Timely and full supplementation of lutein by teenagers can greatly increase the eye resistance to the invasion brought by computer radiation and sunlight, increase the eye fatigue resistance, and effectively avoid the occurrence of various eye diseases and the formation of myopia.

3. Prevent the sequelae of high myopia

high myopia is easy to produce retinal detachment, ponding, flying mosquito, etc., and may even lead to permanent blindness. Supplementing enough lutein can provide sufficient nutrition for the eyes and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

  4. Prevention of glaucoma

lutein can reduce the oxidation intensity of eyeball protein, the incidence rate of glaucoma is lower with the intake of glaucoma.

  5. Delaying the occurrence of cataract

lutein is the only carotenoid in human eye lens. It can enhance the antioxidant capacity of lens, resist the damage of light and free radicals, and delay or prevent the occurrence of cataract.