New eye exercises were approved for promotion, but experts refused to identify

Abstract: the reporter learned that multidimensional vision training was first done as an experimental research project in Xiaoshan City, and passed the review of relevant experts at the beginning of this year. As soon as the news spread, the media in Hangzhou, Shanghai and other places have reported, and many authoritative experts expressed doubt.

yesterday, Hangzhou Medical Information Center released the news that “the new eye exercises practice for one month has significantly improved the eyesight of more than 80% of the primary school students in three primary schools in Hangzhou, and the multi-dimensional visual training to correct myopia has been approved for provincial key promotion”.

at the same time, our reporter received a call from Huang Weike, the inventor of “multi-dimensional visual training to correct myopia”, saying that there would be a press conference on the achievement of the invention to obtain a provincial key promotion project tomorrow, which was questioned by authoritative experts in the province at that time. Does this promotion mean that it has been unanimously recognized by experts? Our reporter conducted an in-depth investigation again. Some parents expressed doubts in the survey. It is understood that the “multi-dimensional vision training to correct myopia” technology is a student vision health care project initiated by Canadian Chinese vision expert Huang Weike. The three pilot schools are Daomaoxiang primary school, Yongtian Experimental Primary School and Changjiang Experimental Primary School in Xiacheng District of Hangzhou. The researchers selected two classes from the first, third and fifth grades of each school, each of which was a promotion class and a control class. The original visual acuity of the first three schools was tested first. Teacher Yan of Daomaoxiang primary school, one of the pilot schools, told reporters that they specially held a parents’ meeting for this project. Many parents reported that their children felt very magical after doing this exercise. However, Mr. Yan also said that they also checked the “multi-dimensional visual training to correct myopia” project on the Internet and found that there was a great controversy on the Internet. “At that time, some parents expressed doubts about the effect and had on-site communication with experts.”. However, the overall response is good. Their school has organized the Health Committee of each class to study and promote it when the conditions are ripe. Yongtian experimental primary school is also one of the pilot schools. According to the person in charge of the school, the first, third and fifth grades of the school participated in the experiment. The person in charge recalled that at the time of the test, the students said they could read two more lines of vision chart. Response to the Provincial Department of health: the effect of ordinary projects is unknown. A staff member surnamed Jiang from the science and Technology Education Department of the Provincial Department of health explained the key promotion plan of provincial medical and health scientific and technological achievements obtained by the project. They have always been encouraging the application and promotion of scientific and technological achievements. There are dozens of science and technology promotion projects reported in the province this year, “multi-dimensional vision training to correct myopia” is a very common one. Hangzhou Medical Information Center is responsible for the promotion of this project. According to the staff member, they felt that the project had been identified by relevant experts, and the project did not harm people and had no adverse side effects, but they did not know how much effect it could achieve, nor did they organize experts to conduct evaluation. The actual effect of this science and technology project is still unknown to them. I hope the media can be realistic when reporting. Hangzhou Education Bureau: we haven’t received any promotion news. “The promotion of eye exercises is organized by the organization. We listen to the unified arrangement in the province. Some schools in the lower urban area participate in local experiments as school behavior. However, to promote it on a large scale, it must be arranged by the health department.” Zhang Renhao, deputy director of the primary education department of Hangzhou Education Bureau, told reporters that the Department has not received any notice on promoting “multi-dimensional visual training”, and no one has contacted the Department for relevant matters. Zhang Renhao repeatedly stressed to reporters that changing eye exercises is not a small thing for schools. “Although the old eye exercises don’t seem to have much effect, they are only accepted nationwide after being identified by national experts. If this exercise is popularized, it must also be recognized by the health department and authoritative experts, and it must be highly persuasive.” Some experts said that if a project is to be promoted in such a large scope, it must go through at least several years of experiments. There is no theoretical basis for this point of view. It is also doing eye exercises. Why is the “new” eye exercises effective? Huang Weike said that the new eye exercises in the achievements of “multi-dimensional vision training to correct myopia” have strong movement, drive eye movement with limb movement, and combine sports and vision health care; The vision training instrument relieves the long-term pressure on the eye lens through eye movement and complete relaxation of eye muscles, so as to build the best eye state. The two methods complement each other and play a role in correcting and preventing myopia in children and young students. Yesterday, Shen Ye, director of the eye center of the first Zhejiang Medical College, was on a business trip in Hong Kong. As soon as he heard that the reporter’s phone was asking about “multi-dimensional vision training”, his conversation box opened immediately. “This eye care exercise has no harm, but it should also have no expected effect. According to the principle of the inventor of this exercise, I haven’t found it in research at home and abroad. Its medical foundation and foundation can’t be found at all.” Shen Ye told reporters that at the beginning of this year, he heard of this “multi-dimensional visual training”. “It is too simple to make observations in those small areas and only take vision as the standard to judge the effect. It should also be proved effective by further more objective indicators such as degree of improvement.” It is said that “multidimensional vision training” has won the key promotion plan project of scientific and technological achievements of the Provincial Department of health. Shen Ye believes that it is not prudent if the administrative organ rashly promotes it among teenagers. As a professional ophthalmologist and vice chairman of Zhejiang Ophthalmology Association, Shen Ye told reporters that he had discussed “multi-dimensional vision training” with experts in the ophthalmology field. Everyone agreed that whether this exercise is effective still needs further experimental proof. In March this year, Yao Ke, deputy to the National People’s Congress and director of the eye center of the second Zhejiang Medical College, was interviewed by reporters on the pilot of “multi-dimensional visual training” in Xiaoshan. He believes that eye movement can only promote the blood circulation outside the eyeball. It is two systems with the blood inside the eyeball, and it is impossible to change vision. 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