Parents has the final say before children get to the vision condition before they are 15 years old.

Abstract: when a child is just myopia, check whether it is pseudomyopia. The diopter is generally no more than 200 degrees. This period is the golden period of correction, which is very easy to correct.

“how can a child wear glasses when he is too young? Wait until he is older.” How many myopic monarchs have been delayed by adults’ wrong ideas for the best control period of myopia, and have no choice but to become a “mirror wearer”. Now there are still many parents who encounter their children’s myopia with the idea of “don’t wear glasses, just look at green”. As everyone knows, it is this “wait and wait” treatment that has become the culprit of children’s high myopia. Parents has the final say that the children’s vision condition before

is 15 years old. Many parents have not yet realized this. How much is the “waiting for a while” concept on children’s vision? Let’s take a look together.,

three stages of myopia development

pseudomyopia stage

pseudomyopia is functional and reversible. If the child’s ciliary muscle spasm is relieved and the eyeball is restored to its original state, it can prevent the formation of true myopia and block the development of myopia. If there is no good prevention and treatment at this time, the retina will stimulate the continuous development of sclera, cause the growth of ocular axis, and gradually evolve into true myopia.

true myopia stage

true myopia patients’ ocular axis increases significantly than before, and this growth is irreversible, just like people can’t get shorter when they grow taller. According to expert analysis, the myopia degree of myopia patients increases by 300 degrees for every 1mm increase in the ocular axis.

and myopia in young children develops very fast,

“high myopia stage”

High myopia generally means that the degree of myopia in adults is greater than 600 degrees and that in children is greater than 400 degrees. With the increase of ocular axis, the eyeball of myopia patients expands continuously. In the process of eyeball enlargement, the sclera and choroid can grow continuously according to the signal requirements inside the eye, but the retina cannot grow with it. In order to stick to the increased sclera and choroid, there will be many cracks or lattice degeneration around the retina, resulting in early lesions for retinal detachment in the future.


control the growth of juvenile myopia.


just myopia


check frequently and supervise more.


children’s eyes generally develop and mature at the age of 18. Children should actively go to professional institutions to establish juvenile vision health files for children at the age of 3-6 and check their eyesight regularly. From the second grade of primary school, check your eyesight every three months. If you find that your eyesight decreases, you should pay attention and take positive measures in time. At the moment, you should pay more attention to eye hygiene, and parents should pay attention to supervision at ordinary times.

in addition, check the appropriate glasses. The occurrence and status of myopia in different children are different, and the fitting of glasses can not be “one size fits all”. The prescription of glasses needs to be considered in combination with various factors such as eye position (whether there is internal or external obliquity), accommodation, refractive status (whether there is anisometropia, whether there is excessive astigmatism), etc. the “appropriate” of glasses is more important than “accurate”.

after myopia

pay attention to” golden correction period “,


When the child is just myopia, check whether it is pseudomyopia. The diopter is generally no more than 200 degrees. This period is the golden period of correction, which is very easy to correct. Wearing corneal shaping glasses can effectively delay the rapid development of children’s myopia. Wearing them every night can restore clear vision during the day. Therefore, there is also the saying that “myopia is gone when you wake up”. However, there are strict requirements for the fitting of corneal shaping glasses. Parents should take their children to a qualified fitting institution for inspection and fitting. At the same time, it should be noted that corneal shaping glasses have strong medical attributes. Children who wear them must follow the doctor’s advice and return to the hospital on schedule.

myopia control

don’t delay to prevent complications

some parents think their children are still young. They can’t carry out glasses correction until their children grow up. As a result, their children miss the best treatment time and their eyesight is getting worse and worse until they become highly myopia. We should know that high myopia is the biggest culprit of eye complications. Eye diseases such as flying mosquito, cataract, retinal detachment, glaucoma and vitreous diseases are common complications of high myopia.

once children form high myopia, posterior scleral reinforcement can effectively limit the expansion of the eyeball, prevent the extension of the eyeball, promote the formation of scleral neovascularization and strengthen the blood circulation of the eyes, so as to control the development of myopia The gospel


of the first person with high myopia after posterior scleral reinforcement in Hainan remind parents that once a child’s myopia is found, they should go to the hospital in time and correct it as soon as possible. They can’t delay again and again. The visual development of the child before 15 can be in your hands.