Parents note that when the child’s pseudomyopia comes true, it’s really late!

Abstract: if you use the way to alleviate pseudomyopia and still have blurred vision, unfortunately, you may be really short-sighted. At present, the most effective way is to wear appropriate myopia glasses to correct vision.

is not for fun. It really has pseudomyopia!

yes, you’re right. Many people who have been wearing glasses for a lifetime don’t know what caused them to wear glasses. In order to make myopic compatriots “understand”, they should popularize it first. What is myopia.

if under the premise of static refraction, distant objects cannot converge in the retina, but form a focus in front of the retina, so we can’t form a clear image, so we can’t see distant objects clearly. This is what we usually call myopia. The main cause of myopia caused by


is that the anterior and posterior axis of the eyeball is too long, which is also called axial myopia. The specific inducement of myopia is not only related to genetic factors, but also related to eye hygiene, such as insufficient lighting, improper reading posture, long-distance work, etc.

however, myopia can also be divided into functional changes and organic changes. The former belongs to pseudomyopia, That is, the ciliary muscle is in a state of continuous contraction (regulating spasm), resulting in the long-term bulge of the lens that cannot be recovered. In this case, as long as the spasm can be relieved, the diopter will recover; the latter belongs to true myopia, and the refractive system is in a static state without spasm, but the ocular axis has changed, and the diopter cannot be recovered.

Pseudomyopia is the initial stage of myopia, and timely treatment is reversible. Once you develop true myopia, it’s too late to recover!

there are four ways to improve pseudomyopia

1 Cloud method: the purpose is to relieve the tension of ciliary muscle. The patient can wear a convex lens with high degree, Make him (her) unable to see clearly, just like in the clouds, lasting for 20 to 30 minutes.

2. Mydriasis method: through drug methods, such as eyedrops with 1% atropine or 2% hindatropine solution to anesthetize the ciliary muscle and remove tension.

  3. Overlooking method: after studying or writing for 1 hour, stop to have a rest and look at the distant scenery. Twice a day for 15 minutes.

  4. Exercise method: do eye exercises 3 to 4 times a day to give your eyes a full rest and eliminate visual fatigue.

in addition to the above methods, parents should pay attention to increasing children’s outdoor activities, which is currently recognized as an effective method. In addition, children should pay attention to eye hygiene and develop good eye habits. For example, keep a distance of 30cm between reading and writing, and pay attention to sitting posture; Ensure sufficient indoor light; Combine work and rest, and take 10 minutes off every hour of reading; Do not read while lying or walking; Strengthen physical exercise, etc.


drug therapists should pay special attention to the fact that the characteristics of pseudomyopia are “elimination if treated, recurrence if not treated”, that is to say, it can be recovered through correct treatment, but it is easy to relapse. Let children form the habit of protecting their eyesight from childhood and avoid continuous tension of ciliary muscles, which is the key to prevent myopia.

true myopia is best equipped with glasses

if you use the way to alleviate false myopia and still have blurred vision, unfortunately, you may be really myopia. At present, the most effective way is to wear appropriate myopia glasses to correct vision.

beauty loving Xiaomei: what? Want me to be a Four Eyed sister? No, no, I don’t. doesn’t it mean that there are American 3D films that can be used for vision recovery training? I will go to see the movies!


like Xiaomei, there are not a few basin friends who plan to do myopia correction for beauty, convenience, and even for some special majors.

“many parents don’t understand the harm of monocular glasses.” Liu Baoxia, an expert in multi view three-dimensional therapy, said: “The child’s glasses are matched by seeing the blackboard at a distance of 5 meters, but his sight will often change between the blackboard and books. Wearing 5-meter glasses to see a half meter homework book, the degree is actually much higher. In order to adapt to the degree of glasses, the ciliary muscle is forced to adjust and will compress the deformation of the eyeball. Over time, the child’s degree will rise linearly. Therefore, single light myopia You can’t take off the glasses as long as you wear them. If you do not eliminate children’s ordinary myopia glasses, the degree will increase by at least 150 degrees every year. If you want to cure myopia, you must change a high-tech health mirror with free adjustment of distance for your child.

when children wear a pair of high-tech glasses that can freely adjust their eyesight, their eyes relax at any time. Now children have great reading pressure and generally small activity space. Some children have different degrees of myopia or amblyopia in early childhood. Experts remind that the root of children’s myopia lies in the tension of ciliary muscles. Therefore, the earlier you help your child adjust eyelashes, the greater the possibility of vision recovery. Within 200 degrees, taking off your glasses is not a dream; 300-500 degrees can control the growth immediately. Comprehensive treatment can halve the degree; For high myopia above 600 degrees, it can also stop deterioration immediately, gradually alleviate vision, improve amblyopia and restore normal eye elasticity function.

so, parents don’t think about how to improve myopia. They still need to find and treat early when their children haven’t developed real myopia!