Pen holding posture can also affect vision

Abstract: to find out the causes of juvenile myopia, so as to achieve the purpose of effectively preventing children’s myopia, is a research topic committed by ophthalmologists in recent years. Studies have found that incorrect pen holding posture is also one of the reasons for children’s myopia.

more and more children have myopia, which has attracted extensive attention. Studying the causes of myopia has become an important topic for ophthalmologists. The traditional viewpoint of


holds that the correct pen holding posture is that the eyes are 1 foot away from the book, the chest is 1 fist wide away from the edge of the table, and the pen holding position is 2cm away from the pen tip. However, the promotion of this standard posture has failed to really curb the continuous growth of myopia.

some ophthalmologists believe that the biggest cause of myopia is not that the eyes are too close to books, but the wrong pen holding posture.


experts have investigated the pen holding posture of 300 emmetropia students and 300 myopic students. They found that emmetropia children often take the posture of not touching their thumb and index finger, while myopic students like to pinch or cross their thumb and index finger. The deeper the degree, the higher the rate of taking wrong posture. Not only the incidence of myopia is related to the use of different pen holding posture, but also the deepening of diopter is related to the wrong pen holding posture. The reason for


is that when a child maintains a standard sitting posture, if the thumb holding the pen and the index finger are pinched or crossed, his fingers will block his sight, make him unable to see the tip of the pen clearly, and he is forced to lower his head or tilt his head to the left, so as to shorten the distance between his eyes and books, increase the incidence of myopia and accelerate the development of myopia.

on the contrary, if the posture of not touching the thumb and index finger is adopted, not only the force during writing is more scientific, but also the eyes of normal objects will not be blocked, so as to ensure the scientific use of children’s eyes.