Popular science | don’t let children embark on the road of myopia!

Abstract: from the present situation, myopia occurs mainly in 5 stages, and high myopia causes complications, which leads to increased intraocular pressure, eye distention, and ocular axis length. The incidence rate of glaucoma and cataract is significantly increased.

myopia is caused by the change of eye axis. At present, there is no reversal method. Once myopia, it may embark on the road of myopia without return. For the majority of parents, the best way to prevent children’s myopia is not to let children embark on the road of myopia without return.


at present, the myopia rate of primary and secondary school students in China has reached the first in the world, which not only directly affects the future development of children, but also relates to the future development of the country. What is heartbreaking is that 99% of children would not have myopia if they had developed good eye habits since childhood, but the reality is ironic. Therefore, for the majority of parents and the whole society, the way to protect children’s visual health is not to let children embark on the road of myopia. The development of

myopia is based on the


. From the current situation, myopia occurs mainly in 5 stages, and high myopia causes complications, which leads to increased intraocular pressure, eye distention, and ocular axis length. The incidence rate of glaucoma and white cataract is increased significantly.

visual development is blocked at the age of 3-6.

the age of 3-6 is the key stage of children’s visual development, but children at this stage especially like watching cartoons and playing with their parents’ mobile phones, which will hinder children’s visual development. Under normal circumstances, our visual acuity can develop to 2.0, but now more than half of children can only develop to 1.2, And part 1.2 can’t be reached.

blurred vision at 6-9 years old (0.6-1.0)

Generally, children’s vision will fully develop to 2.0 when they are about 9 years old, but now children’s vision begins to decline before they have developed. Some children begin to be short-sighted when they are six or seven years old, but in the early stage of myopia, children generally don’t tell their families. Most of them are afraid of being blamed by their parents, because children know that it is caused by watching TV and playing mobile phones.

vision becomes worse at the age of 9-12 (0.2-0.5)

It will be hard to watch the blackboard and TV, but reading at about 40 cm is not a problem. However, at this time, children like to read very close. Most children will also tell their parents that there is an eye problem at this stage. At this time, most degrees are about 200 degrees, and the eye axis begins to grow.

visual acuity continued to deteriorate in junior middle school (0.1-0.2)

Naked eye vision has been very poor. Most children have glasses of 300-500 degrees. Not wearing glasses seriously affects their life. The eye axis continues to grow, and the eyes begin to protrude. Children at this stage are most likely to use their eyes maliciously. Girls like novels, boys like games, and the learning burden begins to increase year by year. Naturally, their eyes suffer the most.

high school students’ eyesight is even worse (less than 0.1)

high school is the most difficult years of their students. With more courses and heavier academic burden, without effective protection measures, their eyesight will continue to deteriorate. Many children’s eyesight begins to exceed 500 degrees, 800 degrees, or even 1000 degrees. If their naked eye eyesight is less than 0.1, they are close to semi blind.

Many children’s myopia is not born or inherited. It is often because of bad eye habits that they unknowingly embark on the road of myopia. From the current understanding, the bad habits that lead to children’s myopia mainly lie in the following five aspects.

▲ reading on your stomach will not only lead to myopia, but also astigmatism.

▲ sitting incorrectly will not only lead to myopia, but also cause vision imbalance between left and right eyes.

▲ lying down and watching the screen will not only lead to myopia, but also cause cervical spine bending

▲ watching TV for a long time will lead to poor vision and premature myopia

▲ this is the culprit of myopia

most children’s myopia is caused by poor eye habits and too much close eye use, in other words, it is man-made.


to protect children’s visual health, we should first block the environment for myopia and help children develop scientific and good eye habits.

at the age of 1, 3-6, the focus is to control the time children watch TV and play mobile phones. Children at the age of


are easy to guide and have strong plasticity. Adults can listen to everything they say. The terrible thing is that we adults deliberately let children play with mobile phones. For example, adults will throw their mobile phones to children when they want to play mahjong and talk about things. However, children will soon become addicted and it will be difficult to do in the future.

the key is to teach children scientific eye use methods and develop good eye use habits at the age of 2, 6-10.


once they have formed a good habit in the lower grades of primary school and know how to love and protect their eyes, they can rest easy in the upper grades of primary school, junior middle school and senior high school.

3. Do the following three things: 99% of children can’t be short-sighted:

reading and writing distance shall not be less than 40cm, Remember that the teacher’s one foot (33cm) is wrong.

read and write for no more than 3 minutes and look out of the window (long view) 3 seconds. Generally, we suggest that children lift their heads every time they read a page of books and finish an assignment. Each hour is equivalent to a minute’s rest, which will not affect the children’s time. Remember that the teacher’s saying that an hour’s rest for 10 minutes is also wrong.

don’t hurt their eyes maliciously (playing mobile phones, playing games and watching TV for a long time).