Practicing cockfighting every day is helpful to prevent myopia

Abstract: it is helpful for teenagers to practice cockfighting every day to prevent myopia.

teenagers practice “eye to eye” every day, that is, the so-called “cockfighting eye”, which can play a positive role in preventing myopia. Yesterday, Professor Chu Renyuan, director of the Key Laboratory of myopia of the Ministry of health and head of the Department of Ophthalmology of the Medical College of Fudan University, put forward this view at the 12th Symposium of academicians and experts sponsored by Shanghai academician center. More than 10 academicians and more than 200 citizens attended the forum.

teenagers spend 5 minutes a day moving their fingers back and forth in front of their eyes to practice eye contact. Why can it play a role in preventing myopia? Professor Chu first gave a famous experiment: in the 1960s, avitisov, a famous ophthalmologist of the former Soviet Union, asked 50000 children to practice eye contact every day. 10 years later, the proportion of myopia in the reference group without eye contact was 10 times that in the eye contact group. “The theoretical basis of this experiment is that myopia is caused by the disorder of eyeball regulation function, and practicing the right eye can increase the regulation function of eyeball, so as to prevent myopia.” Professor Chu said, “today’s children have a lot of homework and use the computer for a long time. Once they can’t keep up with the automatic adjustment of their eyeballs, they will be short-sighted. Practicing eye alignment is to make their eyeballs’ Fitness’ and enhance their adjustment ability. In this way, if they use more eyes, their eyeballs can ‘bear it’.”

of course, this “eye exercise” can only play a preventive role. Professor Chu also pointed out that at present, there is a phenomenon that “the more prevention and treatment of myopia, the more people there are”. There are three reasons behind this: first, there is a lack of professionals in optometry and glasses. Most optometrists have no bachelor’s degree and lack systematic training, resulting in inaccurate optometry and improper glasses. Secondly, there is a lack of unified management of myopia prevention and control institutions, and the relevant regulatory functions are scattered in various government departments. Third, the commercial hype is too strong. For example, in order to sell drugs, it spreads the wrong theory that children’s myopia is mostly false and does not need glasses. “Therefore, parents must be careful when matching glasses and treating their children.” Professor Chu said.


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