Prevent myopia and often do eye exercises

Abstract: eye exercises is an effective massage therapy based on traditional Chinese medicine massage, acupoint massage and medical sports. When children read, their eyes converge, their pupils shrink, and their crystals protrude forward. These three kinds of reflections are easy to produce visual fatigue.

now more and more people suffer from myopia. This disease will bring great inconvenience to the patient’s life. Patients should be careful of the emergence of this disease. In life, many parents will think that their children’s eyes are healthy. Generally, they will not suffer from myopia and do not need to be prevented. Experts tell you that this perception is wrong. So, often do eye exercises can prevent myopia? Now let experts answer.

in view of the rising trend of juvenile myopia in recent years, relevant experts remind that the treatment of myopia focuses on prevention. The most important way to prevent myopia is to wear appropriate glasses and do eye exercises well. Don’t superstitious about the various myopia prevention instruments on the market.


experts believe that eye exercises are still an important means to prevent myopia. Finding the correct acupoints and careful operation are the key. Experts stressed that the two links of “closing your eyes and meditating” and “overlooking” in adolescent eye exercises can give your eyes a full rest and improve your tension. Therefore, you should pay special attention when doing it.

eye exercises are an effective massage therapy based on massage and acupoint massage of traditional Chinese medicine and combined with medical sports. When children read, their eyes converge, their pupils shrink, and their crystals protrude forward. These three kinds of reflections are easy to produce visual fatigue.

therefore, if you read for too long, you will have obvious symptoms of visual fatigue and head and neck discomfort. Eye exercises is to stimulate nerves, enhance eye blood circulation, relax eye muscles and eliminate eye fatigue by massaging acupoints and skin muscles around the eyes.

it is understood that the promotion of eye exercises in primary and secondary schools in China began in the 1960s, and Beijing was the first city to implement eye exercises. Over the past 40 years, eye exercises have been gradually improved and simplified, and have become an important measure to prevent myopia in primary and secondary schools. In recent years, with the increasing burden on students and the popularity of computers, televisions and game consoles, teenagers’ eye use has increased, but eye exercises have not received corresponding attention.

although more than 70% of the students said they insisted on doing eye exercises every day, the survey showed that many students could not find acupoints correctly. Experts suggest that school doctors and teachers should play the role of supervision and guidance to help students learn the correct posture of eye exercises.

99 pharmacists warmly remind that eye exercises are a good way to prevent myopia, but prevention should also be done in terms of diet. Usually, take a diet rich in vitamin A.


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