Prevention of myopia requires internal adjustment and external maintenance

Abstract: the prevention of myopia requires internal adjustment and external maintenance. Internal adjustment is to improve the blood state around the eyes and fundus, ensure sufficient nutrition supply inside the eyes, and create a good physiological environment for the eyes. External feeding refers to eating food beneficial to the eyes and developing good living habits.

eyeball, like the brain, is an organ rich in nerves and blood vessels, which undertakes extremely complex physiological functions. Teenagers’ heavy schoolwork burden and excessive close eye use will not only cause ciliary muscle spasm, ischemia and hypoxia, but also lead to abnormal eye regulation function, resulting in myopia; It will also lead to excessive consumption of energy in the brain and eyes, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain and eyes, so it will be “dizzy”. The eye and brain are the two organs most afraid of ischemia. Adequate blood supply is an important guarantee for the normal physiological function of the eye and brain.

the blood supply artery of the human brain is the common carotid artery, and the ophthalmic artery, the main blood supply artery of the eyeball, also originates from the common carotid artery. At this time, stimulating specific acupoints on the neck can accelerate the blood circulation of the whole body, improve the overall blood supply of the eyes and brain, create a nutritious physiological environment for the eyes, and effectively alleviate the fatigue of the brain.


are treated with plum blossom acupuncture by stimulating the meridians closely related to the eyes and the special acupoints on the meridians, It can effectively improve the microcirculation around the eyes (especially the ciliary muscle), not only ensure the sufficient supply of nutrients and energy required by the cells, but also promote the smooth discharge of metabolic waste, make the ciliary muscle retract and release freely, and enhance the adjustment ability of the eyeball, so as to promote the development of optic nerve cells, improve their excitability and sensitivity, and fundamentally improve the visual function of myopia.



can effectively prevent pseudomyopia and control true myopia, which coincides with the treatment principle of “treating false, preventing true and preventing serious” put forward by the ophthalmology circle, and also expands new ideas for the prevention and treatment of juvenile myopia. Experts remind that only by mastering the methods of “internal adjustment” and “external maintenance”, carrying out treatment and prevention under the guidance and help of doctors, and developing good living habits, can we really prevent and eliminate the occurrence of myopia.