Qigong for myopia — Zhang qiongfang

I. Stand still

(1) in the morning, fasting, undress and loose band, stand under the tree or balcony and go to glasses.

(2) the distance between the feet is as wide as shoulder width, the toes are slightly buckled inward to form an internal eight characters, and the soles of the feet are slightly lifted to make the Yongquan acupoint virtual off the ground.

(3) close your eyes flat, expose a ray of light, and converge your thoughts into silence.

(4) the crotch, waist, abdomen and chest are naturally relaxed, the spine is upright, the hips are slightly retracted, and the chest is not raised and the abdomen is not raised.

(5) the shoulders are relaxed, slightly closed forward, the arms sag naturally, the little finger is close to the front of the trouser seam, the palm is empty, the middle finger is stretched, and the shoulder and wrist are slightly bent like a bow.

(6) keep the head centered, and the neck is like a top object without tension. The lower jaw retracts inward without protruding outward. The mouth is naturally closed gently, and the tongue is against the upper jaw.

(7) relax all over the body and think about “Relaxation” consciously. From top to bottom, the pine is so quiet that you can feel warm all over, hot hands, even sweating, or feel the rising of Dantian Qi. The standing time can be between 15-30 minutes.

II. Luck

(1) keep the posture unchanged, keep loose and quiet, and keep your eyes closed.

(2) slowly lift your hands forward until your wrists are flat with your shoulders. Your palms are opposite, as wide as your shoulders. Your arms are symmetrical and your elbows are curved in an arc.

(3) when the heart of both hands feels numb and swollen, they slowly close their hands together with intention rather than force, as if pressing a balloon has a sense of resistance; When the two hands are closed to two or three inches apart, stop the internal closing, and then slowly pull the two hands apart in parallel, which can be pulled slightly wider than the shoulder, but can not be straightened. At this time, you will feel that your hands seem to be connected by air and can’t be pulled open.

(4) in this way, 36 times of internal closing and external pulling can feel the suction between the two hands and gradually increase.

III. Eye treatment

(1) lift the forearm up; Sink your shoulders and drop your elbows. Your armpits are empty. Turn your hands slowly until the back of your hands is down, the center of your hands is down, and your fingers are flush with your shoulders.

(2) the palm (Lao Gong) is aimed at the slightly closed eyes. It is intended that the Qi of the palm will be released to the eyes, and the palms will be pushed close to the eyes from bottom to top and then opened. It is intended that the Qi of the palm will be connected with the eyes, and the eyes will feel inward pressure and outward protrusion. If the effect is good, there may be green, yellow, white, purple, blue and other brilliance in the eyes.

(3) push and pull for 15 minutes.

IV. Work hard

(1) close your eyes and concentrate, keep your palms up, lift your straight arms, gradually return to your chest, turn your palms down again, gently press them down between your waist and crotch, and restore your static state. (2) after one minute, open your eyes slowly, look straight ahead, and don’t put on your glasses immediately. (3) at this time, you will feel refreshed and relaxed, and your eyes will be bright. Take a few steps forward slowly to finish.

Then wear glasses and eat in half an hour. Precautions

(1) before resting, you can jog for a while to connect the blood vessels of the whole body.

(2) the time of standing still can be increased step by step. In addition to doing it every morning, it is better to do it once in the evening.

(3) do Qigong once after watching TV.

(4) good results can be achieved only by persisting in practice.

(5) the effect varies from person to person, and it is not suitable to pursue the brilliance or feeling.