Radish tassel to prevent myopia and presbyopia

Abstract: food tonic, as a method of health preservation and conditioning, is indeed effective. Eye experts point out that eating radish tassels often can prevent myopia and old flowers.

buys radish to cut radish tassel, seems to be the most logical thing. However, ophthalmologists say that radish is the most calcium containing vegetable. It is very suitable for people who are short of calcium. If they are thrown away, they will be rid of the essence of radish.

no matter what kind of radish tassel, it has obvious advantages in calcium supplement. Take soybeans with good calcium supplement effect as an example. The calcium content per 100 grams of soybeans is about 191 mg, but the calcium content per 100 grams of carrot tassel is 350 mg, which is almost twice that of soybeans.


are in the table of food nutrients, The calcium content of red (HU) radish tassel per 100g is 350mg, ranking first in all vegetables. The calcium content of small radish tassel is 238mg, and the calcium content of green radish tassel is 110mg, which is also among the top in the calcium content list.

In addition to calcium supplement, radish tassel also contains a variety of minerals and trace elements. It is a very nutritious vegetable, rich in crude fiber and can alleviate constipation. In addition, the content of molybdenum in radish tassel was higher. Therefore, often drink some radish tassel soup, which can prevent myopia, presbyopia and cataract. However, don’t think that the calcium content of radish tassel is high, and radish won’t be bad. The calcium content of 100g red heart radish is only 86mg. Although one grows on his body, the calcium content is very different.


radish tassels, like many vegetables, are easy to lose vitamins. It’s best to blanch them and eat them cold.