Relationship between six character formula regimen and five zang organs and five elements

The corresponding relationship between five elements and five organs is that liver belongs to wood, heart belongs to fire, spleen belongs to soil, lung belongs to gold, kidney belongs to water, liver is the mother of heart, heart is the son of liver. The heart is the mother of the spleen and the spleen is the son of the heart. The spleen is the mother of the lung and the lung is the son of the spleen. The lung is the mother of the kidney and the kidney is the son of the lung. The kidney is the mother of the liver and the liver is the son of the kidney. Traditional Chinese medicine says that “deficiency replenishes its mother, but actually diarrhea its son”. When using acupuncture or drugs, if the liver is ill, only the medicine that calms the liver has a slow effect. Combined with the medicine that tonifies the kidney, if the kidney qi is sufficient, the liver wood can be raised and the disease can be eliminated naturally. If the kidney is deficient in water, the effect of only tonifying the kidney is limited. The mother of the kidney is lung gold, so tonifying the kidney should also be used to tonify the lung gold.


are the six character formulas. Shh word skill can replenish liver qi, ha word skill can replenish heart qi, call word skill can replenish temper, zhe word skill can replenish lung qi, blow word skill can replenish kidney qi, and Xi word skill can regulate the Qi of three jiao. When exhaling, the different pronunciation of the six words affects the liver, heart, spleen, lung, kidney and triple energizer respectively. When exhaling, it uses ideas and actions to guide Qi and blood to run in the direction of meridians. According to the order of the five elements, the six character formula naturally supplements and diarrhea. Regardless of the deficiency and excess of the internal organs, the deficiency will be naturally supplemented, and in fact, it will naturally diarrhea. It will act freely, reconcile Qi and blood, calm Yin and Yang, so as to eliminate diseases and prolong life.