Relax after the big exam and fight a protracted war on myopia prevention and control

Abstract: of course, it is not certain that myopia will be passed on to the next generation. There is a general measurement standard, which is the process of “from quantitative change to qualitative change”. Clinical data have proved that myopia can be inherited, and the higher the degree, the greater the probability of passing it on to the next generation. In this way, myopia is likely to become a “generational” pain. The annual

student event – the college entrance examination, has finally come to an end. The students who have worked hard for three years have finally ushered in a truly carefree summer vacation.

for children, after the big test, of course, there is celebration and wholehearted relaxation. Unfinished novels, games without customs clearance, parties without participation… There are too many things you don’t have time to do. You want to indulge severely during the holiday.

this time of year is also the busy time of the visual center. Many parents want to take advantage of the good holiday to take their children to see their eyes in a long lost hospital or optometry center.

it is reported that China’s myopia population has reached 450 million, which is undoubtedly a huge number. With the increase of the total number, the younger age trend of myopia has attracted more and more attention. Wearing thick myopia lenses at a young age has become a “pain” in the hearts of parents and children.

terrible pathological myopia

many people may not know that myopia can be roughly divided into simple myopia and pathological myopia. Generally speaking, the diopter of patients with simple myopia will tend to be stable in adulthood, and will not increase significantly without high-intensity eye use or eye trauma. However, pathological myopia is an eye disease characterized by progressive deepening of diopter, continuous growth of eye axis, and visual dysfunction caused by progressive damage to eye content and retinal choroid tissue. In other words, even in adults, the diopter of patients with pathological myopia will not stop growing, and the degree of myopia can even reach more than 1500 degrees.

pathological myopia is like a time bomb buried in the eyes. I don’t know when it will break out, pushing the patient into the risk of blindness.

due to the abnormalities of intraocular blood circulation and tissue degeneration in myopia, the lens can also be affected, mainly manifested as lens turbidity, which is what we call “cataract”. It is worth mentioning that in patients with myopia, the prevalence of open-angle glaucoma is 6-8 times that of normal people. The pain of


generations there are two forms of myopia: one is acquired; Another, but also little-known, is heredity. Moreover, the acquired myopia also determines whether it will be inherited to a certain extent.


made statistics on the similarity of myopia between identical twins and fraternal twins through quantitative genetic model. The results showed that the correlation coefficient of myopia of identical twins was 0.89 and that of fraternal twins was 0.49. Through the preliminary analysis of the eye data of twins, it is found that the role and influence of genetic factors on myopia account for more than 70%, and the role and influence of environmental factors account for about 30%. Of course,


are not necessarily passed on to the next generation after getting myopia. There is a general measurement standard in the middle, which is the process of “from quantitative change to qualitative change”. Clinical data have proved that myopia can be inherited, and the higher the degree, the greater the probability of passing it on to the next generation. In this way, myopia is likely to become a “generational” pain.

prevention and control of myopia is urgent.

as mentioned earlier, the complications of pathological myopia are more terrible than itself. And because the occurrence of pathological myopia mostly comes from heredity, fatigue will not form pathological myopia. Therefore, pathological myopia does not occur. Once it occurs, it may put the eyes of a family in the risk of blindness, or even loss of labor. The consequences are very terrible.


and “new medical reform” fully reflect and emphasize that we should pay attention to early prevention, publicity and education in the face of diseases. Nowadays, with the increasing concern and demand for health, the problem of myopia has begun to be concerned by the public. Over the years, the prevention and control of myopia has been mentioned, but the occurrence of myopia is still “impossible to prevent”, which not only gives professional doctors and optometry teachers a headache, but also hard work for thousands of parents.


few parents insist on eye examination for their children every year. Even some parents who are highly myopic ignore eye examination, which is actually a terrible thing. There are also many parents, whose eye degrees are more than 1000 degrees or even nearly 2000 degrees, who are still anxiously concerned about their children’s myopia of more than 100 degrees, which makes our doctors very worried. Parents should never think that their eyes are less important than their children. After all, adults are the backbone of a family. If they are injured, the impact on the family can be imagined. ”


now that the big test is over, parents who plan to send their children to correct myopia might as well take a holiday for their eyes and have a systematic eye examination, so that both generations can fight a long war to prevent and control myopia and keep their health forever.