[reprint] confused folk medicine

once upon a time, there were two people: a doctor and a businessman. They were eager to cross a snake mountain. There were many poisonous snakes on the mountain and there was no way to cross. A woodcutter gave him a good prescription and said, “since ancient times, snakes have been afraid of Realgar and centipede. I have a realgar, a small bamboo tube and a centipede inside. If you take them with you, a hundred snakes will give way and will not be hurt.” The businessman asked, “how much is it?”? The woodcutter said; “The bamboo tube was ordered from the south, and the realgar was bought from the drugstore. The two together cost only five yuan.” the merchant believed it and gave the woodcutter five yuan. He took the woodcutter’s way and passed the mountain smoothly. The doctor didn’t believe it. He said: you can deceive him, but you can’t deceive me. You can avoid snakes by putting realgar in your pocket and centipede in a bamboo tube? This man can’t see, can the snake see? Even if you see it, is the snake afraid? I’m a doctor. Snakes are afraid of Realgar and centipedes. Why don’t I know? Are so many snakes so big afraid of these two gadgets? The devil believes it! You just want five yuan! Why make up such a lie to deceive people? It’s ridiculous. He refused the woodcutter’s suggestion to avoid snakes and took the usual way to scare the snake. Holding a stick, he tried to move forward. It turned out to be bitten by a snake. Then the woodcutter said, “I have realgar and ginger to cure snake wounds. Do you believe it?” The injured asked, “do you have a national drug batch number?” Said the woodcutter; “No!” The injured said, “there is no batch number. It’s a fake drug.” The woodcutter said, “I’m not a fake medicine, it’s a real medicine. We have lived here for generations. We only take a small piece of Realgar and ginger when we go out. We’ve never been hurt by a snake. Those who pass by the mountain will be painted by the snake and will never heal. No one who believes in me has never been able to get through the mountain, and no one who doesn’t believe in me can get through the mountain.” The injured asked, “is there any scientific reason?” The woodcutter said, “since ancient times, poisonous snakes were afraid of realgar. Now it’s unclear what scientific truth there is. I think this may be the mutual fear and mutual restraint in the induction of all things in nature!” The injured said, “what? Maybe, I don’t believe anything without scientific verification. It’s useless to say how many patients have been cured and how many people have been saved. Without the national batch number, all drugs are regarded as fake drugs. Don’t take advantage of others’ danger to cheat money here. I’m so smart and knowledgeable that I won’t be fooled by you.” He refused to see a doctor. He disinfected the wound with his own disinfectant. It didn’t work at all. It’s even more dramatic. His illness is getting worse……. That day, an old scholar came and asked him, “there is a miracle doctor who can cure snake wounds on the mountain. Why don’t you ask him for medical treatment?” Said the injured; “His medicine has no national batch number and no scientific reason, so I’m useless.” The old man said, “there is no national batch number, because he has no ability and conditions to handle or handle the batch number. No batch number does not prove that the medicine is invalid, and if there is a batch number, it does not prove that it is effective. It is not unreasonable for realgar to treat snake injury, but it has not been studied in medicine. Snake venom is called cup venom in traditional Chinese medicine, and ancient Chinese medicine said:” realgar is toxic to relieve cup venom, Win five soldiers‘ It can not only detoxify snake venom, but also scorpion venom and centipede venom. Dog poison, etc. ” What the woodcutter said is absolutely true. You don’t believe the truth, but you believe the lie. You think the medicine you use today has a batch number and scientific reason, because no one refutes his reason. After a few years, someone refuted its theory with facts. At that time, you found that this theory and research turned out to be wrong and a pseudoscience. It turned out that you were fooled by pseudoscience. Woodcutter’s medicine will be recognized by the world medical community after several years, because it is an indisputable fact and an eternal truth. Fact and truth are high-level science. Your disinfectant and disinfectant are really ineffective in treating snake wounds, but you still hope on it. You study western medicine, but you have completely entered the misunderstanding of medicine. Snake venom and cup venom can not be killed casually. If you kill it with hormones and antibiotics, it will escalate and mutate, and it will directly endanger your life. I hope you can face the facts and recognize it again. Persuaded by the old man, the wounded agreed to invite a woodcutter to treat the snake wound for him. The woodcutter said, “now the snake venom has entered the viscera. After taking the medicine, the snake venom will withdraw from the wound, and the injured leg will fester. Finally, there may be the risk of amputation. Do you agree?” the wounded heard that he might lose a leg, and he refused to see a doctor again. The old man shook his head helplessly and left. A few days later, the old man came again. Seeing that he was still groaning and that his condition had worsened, he advised him, “don’t sit here and wait for death. You’d better ask a woodcutter to cure it. It’s better to lose a leg and save your life.” The injured man nodded helplessly and agreed. The old man once again invited a woodcutter for the injured. The woodcutter said, “the poison has gone into the bone marrow and is beyond the reach of the medicine. There’s nothing I can do. Please ask another expert!” The woodcutter threw his fist and left. Seeing the woodcutter’s distant back, the wounded scolded: “What loses a leg, what poisons into the bone marrow and incurs death? It’s all birds’ words. He can’t cure my disease at all. Why didn’t the state invite him to the hospital to treat the snake wound? It’s unreasonable to cheat here. Your old man is not a good thing. He must be the” child care “of the woodcutter. You’re a scholar and literate, but you agree with the liar , must be birds of a feather. And my friends cheated me of my money. I tell you I study medicine. I know both medicine and medicine. You can’t deceive me. You go away. I don’t want to see you here… ” The old man shook his head helplessly and left without saying anything. Soon the wounded died. His money and belongings are around him, and no one picks them up. I’m sure there are many magical traditional Chinese medicine today, which are not in hospitals, but among the people. I really don’t understand. Western medicine can kill people casually, while traditional Chinese medicine can’t save people. If you save people, cure them alive, and carry the accusation of fake medicine or no batch number, you’d rather let people die than save people with traditional Chinese medicine. Why? Five thousand years of Chinese medicine epic, is it wrong? Who is denying traditional Chinese medicine? Who is stopping the development of traditional Chinese medicine? Who is repeating the tragedy of the four great inventions? I hope this story can bring some enlightenment to some readers