Resting and wearing eye masks can help eliminate eye fatigue

Abstract: poor rest will cause eye fatigue. If you don’t rest well because the light is too strong, you can put on an eye mask to help block the strong light and improve the quality of sleep.

want to close your eyes and have a rest when you are busy with your work, but the dazzling light will always disturb your “good dream”. If you take an eye patch with you, it can help a lot.

everyone has different sensitivity to light. Some people can sleep in broad daylight, and some people can’t sleep safely with a little light. For them, wearing an eye mask when they sleep or need a short rest is a very good choice.

at present, there are many kinds of eye masks on the market, and the most commonly used in life are shading eye masks and ice eye masks. The main function of


light shielding goggles is to block light, eliminate interference, and create an environment suitable for sleep. They are more suitable for daytime and outdoor use, such as noon rest, flying and car. However, it must be noted that it must be used in a safe environment, otherwise the risk will occur due to the failure to respond to the risk factors in time. The choice of


eye masks is also exquisite. It is best to choose natural and soft cotton products. It’s best to be dark in order to avoid light. Secondly, the eye mask must be properly elastic and breathable. Too loose is easy to slip in sleep, so that the eyes are stimulated by light. Too tight is easy to compress the nerves around the eyes and affect the blood circulation.

ice eye mask is cold treated and feels very cool when worn on the eyes. It is suitable for use in case of eye fatigue and swelling pain, and can eliminate eye fatigue. However, when selecting and using the product, pay special attention to the instructions for the use of the product, and it is best to wear it under the guidance of a professional doctor.