Retinal detachment myopia as a high risk factor

Abstract: retinal detachment is a common fundus disease. We should see a doctor in time, otherwise it will eventually lead to irreversible blindness. What is the reason for retinal detachment? The most high risk factor is myopia.

retinal detachment refers to the pathological state in which the retinal neuroepithelial layer and pigment epithelial layer are separated from each other. We should see a doctor in time and be responsible. Even if the operation is successful, there will be permanent damage to visual function. Many people don’t know much about retinal detachment. There are some misunderstandings about it, and they don’t know why the retina is detached? What is the most important reason for retinal detachment? Let’s take a look.

three misunderstandings about retinal detachment:

1 It’s a rare disease – actually incidence rate is much higher than we thought.

  2. It’s the disease of the elderly – teenagers can also be raided.

  3. Because of accidental injuries – only a few. Recently, I met a patient who had nothing to do to go fishing. When my eyes were staring at the fish float, suddenly a large black floated over and one eye was blind. Why does the retina of


separate? The most high-risk factor is also the most common problem – myopia.

after myopia, the anterior posterior diameter of the eyeball increases. This passive growth causes retinal weakness and is particularly prone to retinal holes – in our examination, 20% of people with myopia have retinal holes.

at the same time, vitreous degeneration and liquefaction occurred. Under normal circumstances, the vitreous body is gelatinous, just against the retina. Even if there is a hole, the retina will not fall down. When the vitreous body turns into water and flows into the hole, the retina will fall down under the action of gravity, causing the retina to fall off.

once retinal detachment occurs, vision will be seriously damaged no matter how successful the surgical reduction is; However, if the weak area of the retina can be found early and repaired with laser in a regular hospital, the vision will hardly be affected.


experts remind: myopia patients should take preventive measures: check mydriasis every 6 months to a year, and let doctors check the retina with instruments. If retinal detachment is found, it should be treated in time. The earlier the treatment is, the better the effect will be.