Reverse myopia and restore vision

myopia is just a decrease in visual function. Should I see a doctor? Can doctors improve visual function? Can you solve the problem of myopia? In addition to congenital eye dysplasia, eye function defects or injuries or lesions, we should find a doctor to solve them. Most of our myopia is caused by ourselves. It’s normal to find a doctor! Looking for a doctor for myopia is a misunderstanding! (this is the same as our academic performance. Who goes to see a doctor because of the decline in academic performance?) then why do we have to find a doctor to solve the problem of vision? The main reason is that we mislead the traditional cognition of myopia!! it directly leads to the helplessness and severity of myopia!!

Because the cognitive error of myopia has led to the difficulty of changing our traditional ideas. Even if there are solutions to reverse myopia in the society, it will be recognized because it needs to be certified by a doctor! This problem is contradictory. The answer given by the doctor is that myopia is irreversible and cannot be recovered. Is it possible for you to let the doctor certify it? If the doctor can certify that the problem of myopia has long been solved??


myopia is just a normal physiological phenomenon of the human body. If the visual function is reduced, it will be improved! The key is that we should correctly recognize the causes of myopia. If the causes of myopia are reversed, the measures taken will not only fail to restore visual function, but also promote the development of aggravated myopia!!

here puts forward a question for everyone to understand: is myopia caused by excessive eye fatigue? Traditional cognition says that myopia is caused by long-term near sightedness? Can you understand what fatigue is? Since we are looking close for a long time, should we be tired because we can’t see clearly near? And myopia is to see clearly in the near and can’t see clearly in the distance. Is that right or wrong? If such cognition is used to prevent and correct myopia, what will be the consequences?

if our cognition of myopia has changed, will it subvert all the current concepts of myopia?? Is myopia a small problem? To solve the problem of myopia is normal and inevitable!


have great individual differences because of myopia, and there is no completely consistent way to popularize them. This is the focus of the problem. To solve this problem, we also need great efforts from the society.

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