Reverse myopia recovery program


1 In the process of transforming blur into clarity, we hope our eyes experience relaxation and happiness. Because stimulating our visual system gently and happily will be much more effective than a few hours of determined and hard-working eye practice.

2. The basis and premise of improving vision is to reduce diopter. The most effective way to gradually reduce the diopter is to gradually increase the distance between reading, writing, watching and playing to the maximum of sight distance, that is, you can see clearly as far as possible and gradually reach more than 1 meter.

3. Concept: good body, good eyes and good eyesight; Reduce looking close, intermittent looking close, and more looking far; Can see clearly, as far as possible, the farther the better;

4. Time: to treat myopia or improve far vision, training should not be less than 2.5 hours a day;

5. Mentality: first maintain eyesight, then improve eyesight, reduce the degree, and finally stabilize eyesight. Reversing myopia is a protracted war, and protecting your eyes is a lifelong thing.

6. Belief: myopia can be reversed, but it is difficult. It needs strong perseverance and effective methods.

1. Good health, Good eyes (basic guarantee: improve eye quality)

1. Develop healthy work and rest habits

shorthand pithy formula: “regular life, enough sleep”

Executive points: 1) work and rest regularly, go to bed early, get up early and don’t stay up late. 2) Ensure 9-10 hours of sleep every day. Change your posture and don’t press your eyes when sleeping. Sleep in a dark room and avoid long nap.

2. Balanced diet

shorthand pithy formula: “balanced nutrition mind room”

implementation points: 1) do not be picky about food, and often eat fresh vegetables and fruits, bean products, milk, seafood, animal liver and other eye beneficial foods to ensure balanced nutrition. 2) Ensure two bags of milk, two eggs, two fruits every day, fish and liver twice a week, often eat foods conducive to the eyes, such as black beans and medlar, and often drink chrysanthemum medlar water and a lot of boiled water. 3) Often eat hard and chewy food to exercise teeth and eye muscles. 4) According to the needs, you can eat some traditional Chinese medicine to regulate your physique, nourish your liver and brighten your eyes, and supplement calcium and vitamins.

3. Enough telecontrol, especially in the sun

shorthand formula: “outdoor sports two hours”

implementation points: 1) take part in more sports and outdoor activities in the sun, such as basketball, badminton, table tennis, rope skipping, mountain climbing, cycling, kite flying, walking, running, flying saucers, etc. pay attention to the distance when doing sports. 2) At least 200 rope jumps or 200 fast jumps or 200 high jumps every day. 3) Try to jog for half an hour every day. You can run 2000 meters in Peony park on Sunday. 4) Play table tennis for 1-2 hours every day.

4. Stay away from computers and TV

shorthand pithy formula: stay away from radiation

executive points: strictly play online games and mobile games; Play computer strictly; Try not to watch TV and DVDs. If you need to surf the Internet or watch TV during your study, take a 5-minute break every 20 minutes.

II. Good eye habits (core method and top priority)

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