Scientific methods should be followed in the prevention and treatment of myopia

Abstract: Ophthalmologists point out that prevention of myopia is more important than treatment. People are always looking for a good way to treat myopia. In fact, it is more important to take effective preventive measures. According to the analysis of

ophthalmologists, the myopia rate of Chinese students rises rapidly after the age of 8 ~ 9. Strengthening the refractive monitoring of school-age children is of great significance to improve the level of myopia prevention and treatment.

Beijing ophthalmologists pointed out that the specific measures to prevent myopia include:

1 Pay attention to reading and writing posture; Don’t use your eyes for a long time. Generally speaking, after reading and writing for an hour, you should rest for 5 ~ 10 minutes, and look at the distance with your eyes to rest your eye muscles;

  2. Pay attention to the light with your eyes. The light should not be too strong or too weak. Don’t read in the car. Don’t read with a flashlight in bed or quilt;

  3. Check your eyesight regularly. It is best to check your eyesight every six months. If you find myopia, have an optometry immediately and wear glasses;

  4. Normal diet. Life is regular. Don’t push the homework that can be completed during the day to the evening or even stay up late to complete it;

  5. Appropriate participation in sports activities. Don’t indulge in TV or computer games.

research shows that for patients with initial mild myopia, the application of low degree convex lens can achieve better prevention and treatment effect. In recent years, double light microscopy and progressive microscopy have shown that they can only control the progression of primary mild myopia with proximal esotropia. In normal subjects, the number of exophoric oblique was more than that of endophoric oblique. Juvenile myopia inclines outward and obliquely when the naked eye looks close. Moreover, with the increase of age and the progress of myopia, there are fewer and fewer near point implicit oblique and more and more external implicit oblique. It shows that early treatment of existing diseases is very important. In modern society, there is a large increase in close work, myopia is stable, age is delayed, and the progress of myopia in many people continues beyond the age of 25. If

have become myopia and affect daily study and life, you must go to a regular hospital for ophthalmic examination and correct