Scientists uncover secrets: myopia turns out to be ignorance of economy

Abstract: scientific research has found that the best way to protect our eyesight is not to do eye exercises, but to save our eyes and liberate our eyes from TV, computers, video games and mobile phones. Only by saving our eyes can we restore our eyes to be comfortable and bright.

once wore myopia glasses, which seemed to be labeled as knowledgeable. In the 1970s and 1980s, people thought that the person wearing glasses was a respected intellectual. In today’s era, wearing close-up mirrors is no longer a breeze, but like an infectious disease, more and more people can’t live without it.


now, in addition to the studious Xueba, there are people who are addicted to watching TV and playing computer. As trendsetters in the new era, we enjoy the new visual experience brought by science and technology, immerse ourselves in wonderful TV programs and the online world, and stare at the mobile phone screen anytime and anywhere, As everyone knows, our bright eyes are forced into myopia, so that when we take off our glasses, the world is hazy.


scientific research found that the best way to protect our eyesight is not to do eye exercises, but to save our eyes and liberate our eyes from TV, computer, video games and mobile phones. Only by saving our eyes can we restore our eyes to be comfortable and bright.

if we want to make our glasses no longer deepen, we should remember that we spend no more than 6 hours watching TV, e-books and playing computer every day. When we are bored, we can choose other ways to adjust our life, such as listening to music, enjoying flowers, or going out for outdoor activities, You can also choose to listen to books instead of reading e-books.


save water, electricity and time… We have heard a lot of similar teachings from childhood. Everything that needs to be saved is always limited because it is wasteful and will eventually dry up. So, is it because the eye is also a limited resource to advocate saving the use of the eye? How to reasonably save eyes?

01 during the growth and development period, the time to see close is limited.

advocate saving the use of eyes, because many scientific studies show that the time to see close is a limited “resource”, and unlimited waste will lead to pathological damage to the eyes.


operate computers, read books, watch TV and play video games for a long time. For adults, they may induce acute attack of glaucoma, dry eye, central serous retinochoroidopathy, visual fatigue, etc; For teenagers in the growth and development period, it will cause myopia.

up to now, although the cause and mechanism of myopia are not very clear, in the growth and development stage, Eyes close (generally within 5 meters) there is an obvious causal relationship between excessive and myopia, and the closer the viewing distance is, the longer the duration is, the more obvious the causal relationship is. Because the ciliary muscle in the eyeball shrinks continuously for a long time, it can first form regulating spasm, eye acid swelling and fatigue, and then further develop, resulting in the increase of anterior and posterior diameter of the eyeball, while Become myopia.

in 1980, a foreign scholar named Wallman used chicken experiments to prove that chicken’s eyes can form high myopia and eye axis lengthening if they can see near and far for a long time, but this change does not occur in chickens who can see both near and far normally and can only see far for a long time. Later, many social investigations and animal experiments also proved that long-term nearsightedness is the main cause of myopia.


, that is to say, in the growth and development period, the time for the eyes to see close is also a limited “resource”. If the consumption exceeds this limit, pathological changes will occur in the eyeball, which will cause myopia. This is the fundamental reason for advocating saving the use of eyes.

uncontrolled eye use leads to the increasingly serious problem of myopia.

is another all night. At 10 a.m., Wang Lei rubbed his bloodshot eyes and walked out of the dark Internet cafe. If he hadn’t been so hungry, he would have played in the Internet cafe for hours. Standing at the narrow staircase of the Internet cafe, he stretched sleepily, but was hurt by the dazzling sunshine outside. He covered his sour and dry eyes sadly and squatted down.


Yaqian disdains to go to Internet cafes. First, she doesn’t catch a cold playing games, and second, she will be scolded by her parents. She thinks it’s not worth it. It’s better to lie in a soft bed and read your favorite novels, which is both comfortable and happy for your parents. Indeed, the quiet Yaqian likes reading. She always takes a book with her wherever she goes and reads while walking. Parents are very happy about this, but they are also somewhat worried: at the age of 14, Yaqian has brought nearly 500 degrees of glasses.


according to a recent sampling survey of campuses in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Wuhan by relevant departments, the myopia rate of primary school students is 22.78%, that of junior middle school students is 55.22%, and that of senior high school students is 70.34%. Other surveys show that the myopia rate of some medical university students is even as high as more than 90%. Myopia has become the number one enemy threatening the physical and mental health of teenagers in China.


are more likely to be short-sighted the longer they stay close, the more likely they are to be short-sighted. Many teenagers have the experience that they continue to read novels, watch TV and play video games for a long time, and their eyesight will drop sharply in a few days, resulting in myopia. With reasonable distance viewing adjustment and rest in the middle, their eyesight will decline very slowly, Or does not cause vision loss. The posture of


is correct, and it is not suitable to look close for a long time. If you keep looking close for a long time, such as often playing all night video games or surfing the Internet all night, even if you pay attention to the correct posture when looking close, and the distance between your eyes and books and computer screen is appropriate, it will also lead to visual fatigue and gradually develop into myopia.


some teenagers don’t pay attention to maintaining correct posture and looking at close distance when looking close. They lie down to read, or look while walking. When reading or looking at the computer screen, they are too close. In this way, it is easier to cause visual fatigue and develop myopia over a long period of time. There are thousands of ways for


talents, and only one pair of good eyes. Although the harm of myopia is well known, it is worrying that for many years, there has been a high demand for myopia at home and abroadThe incidence rate has not been a good way to deal with it.

the most advanced myopia laser surgery can only improve vision by changing the refractive state of the cornea, that is, polishing a “lens” to correct myopia on the surface of the black eye can not really prevent the pathological development of myopia.

at present, there is no recognized drug and instrument that can effectively treat true myopia, so in this case. Therefore, it is particularly important to advocate the concept of “prevention first”. So, how can we effectively prevent myopia? Therefore, the focus of myopia prevention should be to vigorously promote eye conservation.

03 six measures to save eyes

save eyes, Attention should be paid to the following aspects: (1) avoid continuous close viewing for too long. Pay attention to reading, writing, operating the computer, etc. after continuous viewing for nearly 40 minutes, rest and look at the distance for 10-15 minutes. Try to control the cumulative close viewing time every day, preferably not more than 6 hours.

(2) In learning, pay attention to the appropriate choice of using listening instead of reading to reduce the near load of eyes.

(3) Pay attention to improving the environment that needs a long time to look close. The light in the classroom should be bright, the desktop and blackboard should not reflect too much, and there should be windows on the left and right sides, not too high or too small. It is appropriate to sit in any position in the classroom and see the window, and the seats should be changed regularly; the children’s desk at home should be placed in front of the window without shelter, the desk lamp should be placed in the front left, and the light should be soft In case of incandescent lamp, it is better to be between 25-40w, and the position should not directly irradiate the eyes.

(4) correct the bad close viewing posture. When reading and operating the computer, pay attention to keep the distance between the eyes and the book at about 33cm. The distance between the eyes and the computer screen with the size of 35cm should not be less than 60cm, and the distance between the eyes and the computer screen with the size of 38cm should not be less than 70cm. The posture should be correct. Do not read while lying down or walking.

(5) Try not to play games that require long-term close viewing. Modern urban children’s games are mostly indoor self entertainment, such as personal toys, game consoles, computers, televisions, etc., and there are few opportunities to get away from the close viewing environment every day. Therefore, parents and teachers should encourage children to change their game methods and do more outdoor activities.

(6) If the eyes are dry, red, burning or foreign body feeling, eyelids are heavy, things are blurred, and even eye swelling, pain or headache occur when you continue to look close, it indicates that visual fatigue symptoms have occurred. To stop looking close immediately, you can do eye exercises, and hot compress your eyes with a damp hot towel to alleviate visual fatigue. If you pass the above treatment, there is still no obvious difference If you get better, you need to see an ophthalmologist in the hospital.


at the same time, we should correct our bad habits of playing wechat and blogging in bed, not to mention playing mobile phones in bed with the lights off late at night. If we want to correct these common problems of modern young people, we have to work hard on ourselves.


save our eyes not only to let our eyes see beautiful and moving scenery, but also to let our hearts release from modern electronic technology to find more fun in life.