Seven day reversal of myopia – Guidelines

[day 1 / 7] save your eyes (use this guide)

welcome to the seven day myopia rescue program. The seven day change can make you regain control of your eyes.

Ten years ago, I wore 400 degree myopia glasses and was told by an optometrist that I needed to change my eyes to 500 degree. I have high myopia. I often feel headache, eyestrain and poor night vision. However, today, my natural condition of binocular vision is 1.0. I have no surgery, no glasses, no headache or other problems. It took me a long time to figure out how to reverse myopia. Since I learned the truth about myopia, I have actually helped thousands of people recover their eyesight. Now, The system is (almost) invincible.

is this natural myopia control method useful to you? It’s up to you. It’s not a quick solution. There are no pills to swallow, no magic lenses. These things will make your myopia worse.

First, you need to learn the function of the eyes. Then, with this knowledge, you can safely reduce diopter requirements, reduce screen time and increase the use of long-distance vision, all of which can reverse myopia.

7-day course content:

day 1: the truth about myopia: how your eyes work day 2: glasses and their sinister ways to correct your eyes (and may damage your eyes forever) day 3: how to create your own myopia test laboratory (it costs about $1) day 4: diopter numbers tell a secret story (how to interpret) day 5: the worst thing you do with your eyes every day day day 6: tips and tricks to improve your eyesight day 7: more knowledge to learn: choose the future road to 1.0

Therefore, if you really want to reverse your myopia, the next 7 days should be the most important day for your eyesight. If you read every email carefully, you will know your eyes and myopia better than most licensed optometrists.

don’t delay. Only seven emails in seven days. Better eyesight is waiting. Ready to start?

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