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your glasses, a $100 billion lie

yesterday we talked about the causes of myopia. Now, if you read the previous links about myopia, you may find that there is still a lot about myopia. That is what we are going to discuss today. Do you remember I said you don’t need glasses to treat pseudomyopia? It’s true, but you didn’t.


eyes can be regarded as the most complex “autofocus” camera in the world. It can adjust the focal length in real time according to different distances. The ciliary muscle constantly adjusts the shape of the lens to correctly focus light on the retina. This is a great system that can continuously adjust the focus.

on the other hand, glasses are not so surprising. The eye changes the focal plane dynamically, while the glasses change the focal plane statically. Glasses can only be adjusted once, depending on the degree of myopia. So, Glasses do move the focus (focal plane) inside the eye like natural eyes, but they can only fix the focus at a certain distance.

If you are short-sighted, an optometrist will usually prepare concave lenses for you. The function of a concave lens is to move light back to the retina. This compensates for focal muscle spasms, but as your eyes adapt to glasses, they grow longer. This is a big question, that is, the “axial elongation” of the eyeball. Medical science has written hundreds of thousands of pages of research on the subject.

I will analyze this problem. Your eyes are not static and uncontrollable. Your eyes change according to what you see around you.

babies are mostly hyperopia (or astigmatism) at birth. Then, the axial length of the eye is specially adjusted according to the input of the environment. Vision determines the axial length of the eye. It is very important to understand that the eye does not act independently of the environment.

Therefore, if you want to know what causes myopia to increase year after year. Medicine can explain that myopia is caused by wearing glasses.


are numerous, and we also hope to find a special case. However, any animal eye that works like our human eyes tends to compensate in the same way. If a concave lens is placed in front of the animal’s eyes, the fish’s eyes will also become longer. When using concave lenses, the eyes of monkeys and chickens will also grow into egg shaped eyes.

if you don’t believe it, please visit Google academic search and enter the following keywords: pseudomyopia, axial elongation, myopia caused by glasses, etc.

wait a minute. If there are so many studies on this, why sell glasses? Buying glasses can immediately alleviate the symptoms of myopia and can not really break the cycle of “glasses – degree increase – replace glasses with higher degrees”. You may not be aware of the cycle or its harm before you see it.

my method will not arouse the interest of investors. For a large company, this method of fundamentally reversing myopia will not make money. Therefore, many stores focusing on sales do not have much motivation to teach, learn and practice the overall vision health method.

small sidenote: I used to speak out against mainstream optometrists, mainly because I regarded them as enemies. They told me to wear glasses instead of telling me precautions. They made a lot of money when my eyes got worse and worse. I’m very angry about it.

check out the shocking facts of the lens industry outlined in this Los Angeles Times article. I don’t know how we should trust people in this industry in the future. Column: How badly are we being ripped off on eyewear? Former industry execs tell all​www.latimes. com/business/lazarus/la-fi-lazarus-glasses-lenscrafters-luxottica-monopoly-20190305-story. HTML

do you know? Optometrists are not enemies at all. They give most people what they want: no matter what the cost of wearing glasses, people don’t care compared with getting a clear view immediately. However, some people care about these costs. So let’s go back to your glasses.

now you know the basic knowledge of how the eyes work and how myopia occurs. In short, this is the basic development process of myopia aggravation:

1 Myopia is a muscle spasm. Too much close work, muscle is “locked” in close mode. Distant vision is slightly blurred.

2. A concave lens is provided as a treatment method. A concave lens moves light farther back to the eye to compensate for muscle spasms.

3. Concave lenses can cause the eyes to grow longer. Now? This correction is no longer powerful enough (on average, about a year after the beginning). A longer correction is required to move light into a longer eye.

Now do you know why I developed my own method to replace the mainstream optometry? Glasses will only worsen the problem of myopia, but can not solve the problem from the root. The biggest lie an optometrist has ever told is, You can’t control your myopia (axial length of the eyeball). This is a false statement, but it’s a lie to sell more glasses. You can refer to clinical studies in this field. Eyes in variety specialties can short to compensate for myopic defense. in variety specialties can short to compensate for myopic defense /

Unbelievable, isn’t it?

tomorrow we will study how to measure our eyesight. This is a big step. Once you know how to measure yourself, you can better understand your glasses correction needs and quantify your daily eye fatigue.

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