Share some ways to treat pseudomyopia

now there are more and more people with pseudomyopia, especially many of our students wear glasses. After we have pseudomyopia, we need special attention. We should adjust it well, otherwise not only the degree will increase, but also the damage to our eyes will increase, How can we treat pseudomyopia well? What are the treatment methods of


for pseudomyopia? There are also many treatment methods for this kind of disease. However, during the treatment, we also need to pay attention to the patient’s conditioning in all aspects, so that the disease treatment has a good effect.

pseudomyopia treatment:

1. Relax and adjust

(1) mydriasis therapy: apply ciliary muscle paralysis to mydriasis. At present, eye drops are applied once a day.

(2) is convex lens method: first let the patient wear a higher degree of convex lens, gaze 5 meters away from the eyesight table, make the ciliary muscle relax, then adjust the degree of the convex lens, so that the vision is basically normal.

(3) overlooking method: overlooking the natural scenery after learning or writing for 1 ~ 2 hours, so as to relax the regulation of ciliary muscles. Insist on doing eye exercises 3 ~ 4 times a day.

2. We can use direct current to treat pseudomyopia. Ear acupuncture, plum blossom acupuncture, acupoint massage, acupoint conduction, such as Qigong therapy and cold water bath therapy, also have good results, These methods can improve our pseudomyopia by increasing the excitability of our brain’s visual center and optic nerve cells.

3. Improve the learning environment:

keep a distance of 30cm and correct posture when reading and writing. Pay attention to natural light and ensure adequate indoor lighting. Combine work and rest, get rid of bad learning habits, rest for 10 ~ 15 minutes every hour of reading, and don’t lie down or walk to read. Pay attention to strengthening physical exercise.

4. Pseudomyopia patients generally lack chromium and zinc. Pseudomyopia patients should eat more foods containing more zinc.

foods such as soybeans, almonds, laver, kelp, mutton, yellow croaker, milk powder, tea, meat, beef and liver contain more zinc and chromium, which can be increased appropriately.

through the above introduction, I believe you also have a good understanding and understanding of the treatment of pseudomyopia. We should not be eager for success in the treatment of pseudomyopia. We should adhere to the above methods for a period of time. We should also pay attention to developing good habits in life and eat more bright food at the same time.