Short sighted people without glasses will affect their hearing

Abstract: in life, some people who are short-sighted but do not wear glasses for a long time, once they wear glasses, they not only see things clearly, but also seem to improve their thinking speed and reaction speed, because the brain receives more visual information.

don’t know if nearsighted friends have this feeling, that is, when you take off your glasses, others don’t seem to hear you so quickly. You need to wear glasses to quickly understand what others are saying.

why can’t you hear clearly without glasses? We look with our eyes, we listen with our ears, and we clearly use two organs.

let’s first look at what is vision and hearing.

vision mainly refers to light entering the eye, exciting retinal photoreceptor cells, and then transmitting information to the visual center for processing. Through vision, people and animals perceive the size, brightness, color and movement of external objects, and obtain various information of great significance to the survival of the body. At least 80% of the external information is obtained through vision.


hearing refer to the feeling caused by sound waves acting on auditory organs, exciting their sensory cells and causing the impulse of auditory nerve to send incoming information, which is analyzed by auditory centers at all levels.


, that is, all the information obtained by the eyes or ears is finally analyzed and processed by the brain center.

there is a correlation between different sensory centers of the brain.

our senses are not isolated. For a thing, the information obtained by different organs will be transmitted to their corresponding centers in the brain, whether it is the visual center, the auditory center or the cerebral cortex. Finally, the information is analyzed and processed as a whole to form a complete understanding of a thing.


take a simple example. We usually say that food should have complete color, flavor and taste. If a food sells poorly or smells bad, it will affect the final evaluation of it. So we often say that it looks delicious.

when a nearsighted person takes off his glasses and can’t see clearly, he gets less information through vision. At this time, the brain may have to allocate more attention to analyze these fuzzy information. Therefore, the attention allocated to listening is relatively reduced. Even if the attention obtained by listening is not reduced, when the brain processes the overall information, Because of the lack of visual information, it may also cause the feeling of being unable to hear clearly.

therefore, in life, some people who are short-sighted but do not wear glasses for a long time not only see things clearly, but also think and react faster, because the brain receives more visual information. When chatting with


, you can feel that if a person has poor eyesight, he will stumble during chatting. On the contrary, if he wears glasses, he can talk much more smoothly. This is also because when we communicate through language, our eyes are also capturing body movements, expressions and eyes to enrich information and help us communicate better. If you can’t see clearly, without the assistance of this information, you will naturally feel “can’t hear clearly”.