Should I? Pay someone to do eye exercises

Abstract: it seems to be no secret to pay someone to do eye exercises for children in Hangzhou primary school students’ parents’ circle. As soon as the holiday comes, going to a specific place every day and receiving special “eye exercises” service has become an alternative “holiday homework” for some Hangzhou primary school students.

Hangzhou parents hired someone to do eye exercises for their children.


at 4 p.m., Xiaoke (a pseudonym), a fifth grade girl in primary school, and her mother finished shopping, and came to the “vision health studio” near Qinglan primary school in Dongqing lane, Xiacheng District. As soon as he entered the door, Xiao Ke cordially greeted the other children inside, then skillfully jumped into the recliner, lay down comfortably and closed his eyes. “Coming.” Zheng Caihua, a staff member of the vision health studio, gently covered Xiaoke’s eyes with a towel and began to do eye exercises for Xiaoke.


pay someone to do eye exercises for their children, which seems to be no secret in the parents’ circle of primary school students in Hangzhou. As soon as the holiday comes, going to a specific place every day and receiving special “eye exercises” service has become an alternative “holiday homework” for some Hangzhou primary school students. In order not to let the children in the lower grades put on heavy lenses, some parents did not hesitate to pay for long-term services for their children.

parents spend a lot of money to hire someone to serve their children.

“there’s no way! Now children use their eyes too much and don’t seriously do eye exercises at school, so they have to hire someone to ‘make up lessons’ on holidays.” Yesterday, the reporter came to Xiaoke’s vision studio and saw many primary school students going in and out. Ms. Zhou, who brought her third grade son Xiao Dong to do eye exercises, reluctantly said that her son was in the third grade of maiyuqiao primary school and had begun to complain that she couldn’t see the words on the blackboard when sitting in the fourth row, “We asked the teacher to change seats. As a result, the teacher reluctantly told us that there were more and more myopia children in the class and more children asked to change to the front row. It was difficult to change forward.” Later, Ms. Zhou heard that hiring someone to do eye exercises for her children had a good effect, so she took her children to do eye exercises.


on the record book of the studio, the reporter saw the eye exercises records of nearly 100 students from more than a dozen primary and secondary schools around. Among them, the youngest child is the middle class of the kindergarten, and the older one has read the first day of junior high school. The age group that enjoys the most services is the third to sixth grades of primary school, that is, the primary school students aged 9 to 12. Some of the children, although young when they first came, had terrible low eyesight. Xiao Zhang and Xiao Pu in the third grade of Qinglan primary school are classmates. Although they are only 11 years old, when they first came, Xiao Zhang’s naked vision was only 0.25, while Xiao Pu was 0.1. They are all asking people to do “eye exercises”. Now their naked vision has picked up.

according to Zheng Caihua, professional “eye exercises” services have actually been opened around many primary schools in Hangzhou, and business is good. The whole service lasts about 40 minutes. It is mainly combined with topical drugs to do acupoint massage for children to protect their eyesight. It is similar to the “eye exercises” done by students in school, supplemented by technical means such as telescope and eye closure, which has a certain effect on the prevention and treatment of myopia. Zheng Caihua said that the one-time service charge is 20 yuan. Many children have done it for nearly a year, more than 200 times, and it costs more than 4000 yuan. Although the cost is not worth it, parents are still willing to spend money and refuse to let their children’s eyes “suffer losses”. When some children’s eyesight is still good, their parents have arranged eye exercises services for them.

trace back to the source – the effect of doing eye exercises in schools is limited.

why do schools arrange students to do eye exercises every day, and parents have to go outside to pay someone to do eye exercises for their children?


from the students who accept most of the “eye exercises” services, the reporter found that the eye exercises that have been used for 40 years have not achieved good results, and the students are unwilling to do it, so it is difficult for the school to supervise.


Xiao Dong’s mother, Ms. Zhou, said that although schools teach children how to do eye exercises, most children’s consciousness is not enough, and they are mostly perfunctory about eye exercises. Moreover, children’s manipulation of eye acupoints is not accurate and the strength is not good. “Doing eye exercises in school is actually fooling teachers and themselves!” According to the reporter, students who receive eye exercises outside generally don’t know how to do eye exercises correctly.

“when doing eye exercises, if the students wander, open their eyes and speak, the teacher must put it forward, but it is difficult for our teachers to supervise whether the eye exercises themselves are in place, whether the acupoints are accurate and whether the strength is enough.” A primary school teacher interviewed by the reporter also told the truth that the requirements for students’ eye exercises during school inspection are indeed only formal, but it is difficult to operate further supervision.

“when the on duty student comes over, we close our eyes. When the on duty student leaves, we open our eyes.” For Zhang Haokun, grade 5 of a primary school in Xiacheng District, Hangzhou, the eye exercises arranged in the school in the morning and afternoon are actually a “cat and mouse” game between the on duty students of “eye exercises inspection” and other students. As soon as the student on duty left, he opened his eyes, read a book, or talk to his classmates. “It’s hard to close your eyes for five minutes and repeat those actions.” Zhang Haokun explained his attitude towards eye exercises, which is also the attitude of many students in the class.


finally, his mother forced him to “escort” to the hospital for “eye exercises”. As a result, Zhang Haokun jumped up because of the acid swelling feeling when the staff massaged the acupoints for the first time. The doctor seriously told him that Xiao Zhang’s previous set of “rubbing the eyes” was not in place and was useless.

expert opinion: if eye massage is not adhered to, vision will still decline.

Dr. Ye Juan, a doctor at the eye center of the second Zhejiang Medical Hospital, said that there are many reasons for children’s vision decline, including hereditary myopia, improper eye use, picky eating and so on. At present, children’s myopia has become younger and younger, because now children’s activity range and space are small, mainly concentrated indoors, watching more close things, such as cartoons, playing the piano and writingGrid: ¥ 794


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