Should teenagers with myopia wear glasses?

Abstract: pseudomyopia is a phenomenon that teenagers use their eyes at close range for too long, resulting in the decline of vision. Pseudomyopia can recover to normal vision through visual rehabilitation. Glasses are not required in this case. Should

teenagers with myopia wear glasses in time? Many parents are reluctant to give their children glasses because they are worried that once their children wear glasses, their myopia will become deeper and deeper. So should myopia wear glasses? People have different opinions on this issue. To find out the facts, we must first understand the causes of vision loss.


teenagers have decreased vision, which may be true myopia or false myopia caused by regulation.




pseudomyopia is a phenomenon of vision decline due to teenagers’ long time of close eye use. Pseudomyopia can completely recover to normal vision through visual rehabilitation, such as the market’s vitamin vision juvenile myopia rehabilitation center. Glasses are not required in this case.

true myopia

then, if teenagers suffer from true myopia, do they need to wear glasses?

vision loss caused by ametropia. Before formal vision rehabilitation, our suggestions affect the situation of looking at the blackboard or wear glasses. If he is really short-sighted and has not been corrected in time, there will be some effects when he looks close and far, resulting in easier eye fatigue. In fact, the degree will increase faster, which will also have a certain impact on his study and life. Mild myopia that does not affect the blackboard does not need to be worn.

however, if you wear glasses, can you effectively control the increase of myopia? The answer to


is certainly no! Glasses are just correction, so that children can slow down the visual fatigue of looking far. They are not really treating myopia, let alone recovering vision. Therefore, wearing glasses will still make the degree higher and higher.

importance of vision rehabilitation

in fact, teenagers suffer from myopia. As long as they do not pass the rehabilitation of vision, whether they wear glasses or not, the degree of myopia will increase with time. Therefore, we remind parents that once teenagers suffer from myopia, the best way is to take their children to the vision rehabilitation center for rehabilitation. Whether to wear glasses during rehabilitation needs to be judged according to the use of their children’s vision. When they often see far, they should wear glasses; You don’t need to wear it when watching TV, writing, etc. Please follow the instructions of the rehabilitation therapist.