Shush skill of six character formula — nourishing the liver

liver is an important organ of human beings. The liver is in charge of catharsis and has an important relationship with health.

if the liver Qi is depressed, women are prone to irregular menstruation, and men are prone to liver disease. Hyperactivity of liver Qi leads to irritability, insomnia and dreams. The liver directly affects the rise and fall of the Qi of the spleen and stomach. The liver Qi is not smooth, and the function of the spleen and stomach is easy to be maladjusted. The liver governs the tendons. “The claws are more than the tendons”. If the liver blood is deficient, the tendons are weak, and the nails are thin and soft, or even brittle. The liver is enlightened by the eyes. “The liver can see by receiving blood.” the liver is lack of blood and liver qi, which is easy to dry the eyes, night blindness or unclear vision. Now many young people read computers and microblogs, and do not pay attention to eye hygiene. In addition, the lack of liver qi can easily lead to the decline of vision in the long run. “Shh” skill of the six character trick of


can dredge the blood of the liver meridian and nourish the eyes, Reconcile the spleen and stomach and eliminate loss of appetite. The heart is the son of the liver. With the help of the word “ha”, it can reduce the heart fire and calm the liver. The kidney is the mother of the liver. With the help of the word “blowing”, the liver can be nourished by the kidney yin. Heart and kidney intersect, water and fire are both economic, liver Qi is harmonious and smooth, and body fitness is light. As the liver meridian goes directly to the eyes, the liver Qi drives the movement of Qi and blood, which has a rapid effect on eliminating visual fatigue and can effectively prevent myopia.