Six misunderstandings of wearing glasses make your eyesight worse and worse

Abstract: when matching glasses, the most frequently asked question by parents is whether the degree will be higher and higher if they wear glasses. In fact, this is an incorrect idea. Glasses are just a tool to assist the eyes to make us see objects more clearly. Unless we wear glasses incorrectly and reasonably, glasses are beneficial and harmless.

glasses are necessary for many friends in daily life, but how much do you know about the misunderstanding of wearing glasses? Today, let’s learn about the misunderstanding of wearing glasses and how to choose myopia glasses. I hope today’s knowledge can help friends who wear glasses and choose the right glasses.

misunderstanding of wearing glasses

1. If your glasses are dirty, you can wipe them with paper towels and glasses cloth.

many people who wear glasses will have such an action. If your eyes are dirty, breathe on the lens, and then wipe them with paper towels. This is wrong. There are very small particles on the lens. If you dry wipe it with a paper towel or glasses cloth, it is likely to scratch the lens.


suggestions: when cleaning the lens daily, wash the lens directly with tap water to remove the attached dust; Wash your hands and squeeze some detergent and hand sanitizer on your fingers; Keep water on the lens, apply detergent on the lens and clean it. Then dry it naturally. If you are in a hurry, you can dip it gently with a paper towel.

2. When wearing glasses, you can’t take them off. The degree of myopia will be longer and higher.

when wearing glasses, parents ask the most question is whether the degree will be higher and higher if you wear glasses. In fact, this is an incorrect idea. Glasses are just a tool to assist the eyes to make us see objects more clearly. Unless we wear glasses incorrectly and reasonably, glasses are beneficial and harmless.


suggest: develop good eye hygiene habits, such as reading for a long time, playing with mobile phones without paying attention to limiting the length of time, taking improper posture… Teenagers are in the stage of eye development, and the decline of vision may be related to the degree of eye development. If they do not pay attention to the correct use of eyes, it is easy to cause the decline of vision. In addition, genetic factors are also one of the reasons for myopia. The glasses purchased by


are of poor quality, which is also easy to deepen the degree of myopia. Glasses are very important for vision correction. When matching glasses, doctors should measure the lens power, astigmatism and pupil distance, which are related to the quality of glasses.

therefore, myopia should be treated scientifically. It is best to go to a regular ophthalmic medical institution for examination and glasses.

3. The eyes will deform after wearing glasses for a long time.

wearing frame glasses for a long time will not cause exophthalmos, but myopia itself will cause exophthalmos. Simple myopia, especially low and medium myopia below 600 degrees, generally does not show prominent eyes.

but high myopia above 600 degrees is mostly axial myopia, that is, with the increase of myopia degree, the eye axis becomes longer. The greater the myopia degree, the longer the eye axis. Generally, it extends backward. When it reaches a certain degree, there will be the performance of exophthalmos and deformation.


suggest: wear glasses, and the glasses are deformed. This is because wearing frame glasses all year round oppresses the bridge of the nose. After taking off the glasses, it will give people an illusion of eyeball protrusion. After taking off the glasses for a period of time, this phenomenon should disappear.

4. A pair of glasses is worn to the old

glasses. As a capability health care commodity close to medical devices, its technical standard requirements are quite strict. Many people’s bad habits such as taking off and wearing glasses with one hand directly cause the deformation of the lens frame, resulting in the deviation of various technical indexes of the eyes, so that a pair of originally qualified and comfortable glasses become both unqualified and uncomfortable. Once the unqualified and uncomfortable glasses like


are worn for a long time, people’s eyes and wearing psychology are used to this “error”. Like “inertia”, they feel uncomfortable when wearing new glasses. Because they are used to wearing the original unqualified and uncomfortable glasses, they can’t adapt to the new qualified and comfortable glasses in a short time.


suggest: advocate scientific and reasonable wearing glasses, develop scientific wearing habits, and replace glasses within about 1 to 2 years, so as to avoid being hurt by old wrong ideas and behaviors.


in addition, selective wearing according to different occasions can not only effectively avoid the disadvantages brought by “wearing a pair of glasses until they are old”, but also play a “eye-catching” decorative effect in beautifying the image.

5. If your eyes are uncomfortable, just use eye drops.

many people go to the drugstore to buy eye drops when their eyes are dry, itchy and red. There are many kinds of eye diseases. The eye drops sold on the market are mainly anti fatigue, dry and anti-inflammatory drugs. These drugs may not solve eye problems.


long-term dropping of unnecessary eye drops, such as antibiotic eye drops, may cause disorder of normal flora of conjunctival sac, conditional pathogen infection, or drug resistance, affecting the normal application effect of such drugs. The long-term application of hormone eye drops in


may lead to the occurrence of “corticosteroid glaucoma”. The optic nerve damage caused by glaucoma is irreversible, and some patients become blind due to the long-term use of hormone eye drops.

at present, many eye drops sold on the market contain preservatives. Long term use can not only damage the corneal epithelium, but also cause serious damage to the conjunctival goblet cells, leading to the occurrence of dry eye.


suggestions: take care of glasses scientifically, replace glasses on time, try to reduce the observation of things by eyes, and reduce eye fatigue.

6. Is it good for myopia to wear colored glasses?

colored glasses are harmful or beneficial to myopia patients? We know that one of the conditions to prevent myopia is that there should be sufficient light when reading or writing, but the light should not be too strong or read and write in direct sunlight.


generally, when reading and writing, the light should be 50m candlelight (meter candlelight is the lighting unit, and 1m candlelight is the illumination of a 1-Watt light source on the desktop at a distance of 1m). In the light too