So many myopia correction methods, there is always one for you!

Abstract: laser myopic surgery is suitable for myopic people over the age of 18, whose degree of myopia is stable for two years, that is, the degree of myopia increased every year is no more than 50 degrees, there is no chronic inflammation, glaucoma, patients have no autoimmune diseases, and I have the need to remove glasses.

myopia is one of the eye diseases that perplex many people at present. There are many people who do not want to wear glasses after myopia. Their reasons are also various, uncomfortable and inconvenient, which affect their appearance, school entrance, military recruitment, employment needs, etc.. What should we do if they do not want to wear glasses after myopia? Xiaobian said that so many myopia correction methods can help you take off your glasses. There is always one for you!

so many myopia correction methods, there is always one suitable for you

1. Laser myopia surgery

laser myopia surgery is suitable for people over 18 years old. The degree of myopia is stable for two years, that is, the degree of increase every year does not exceed 50 degrees. There is no chronic inflammation, glaucoma and autoimmune disease in the eyes, And I have myopic people who need to take off their glasses.


at present, there are many ways of laser myopia surgery, including transprk all laser myopia surgery, femtosecond laser myopia surgery and other surgical methods. Myopia friends can choose their own surgical methods according to their own eye conditions.

2. ICL intraocular lens implantation

ICL intraocular lens implantation is similar to the implantation of a “micro contact lens” thinner than hair, which can correct myopia within 2000 degrees and myopia and astigmatism within 600 degrees. Compared with laser myopia surgery, ICL intraocular lens implantation is more suitable for patients with high myopia. ICL intraocular lens can be placed in the safe area in front of the lens. The operation is simple, safe and fast. The surgical incision is small and does not damage the cornea. It can be used to correct a wide range of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. It has strong reversibility and can be taken out at any time. It is the best choice for patients with high and ultra-high myopia.

3. Hard contact lenses

if you don’t want to correct myopia through surgery, you can choose hard contact lenses to correct myopia. At present, there are two kinds of hard contact lenses to correct myopia, one is corneal shaping lens and the other is RGP contact lens.


corneal shaping lenses can control the deepening of myopia to a certain extent and slow the growth rate of eye axis in myopia patients. Corneal shaping lenses only need to be worn at night and have clear vision all day. At present, they are one of the effective means to control the development of myopia for young myopic friends. Usually, the degree of myopia is less than 600 degrees, Myopic people with astigmatism less than 175 degrees are more suitable for corneal shaping glasses (whether they can wear them or not depends on the trial).

RGP is called “breathing contact lenses” Compared with ordinary soft contact lenses, it also has the advantages of high oxygen permeability, high safety and high definition. RGP contact lenses need to be worn during the day. It has a wider range of myopia degrees than corneal shaping lenses. It can correct myopia above 600 degrees, especially for myopia friends with high astigmatism. Corneal plastic lens and RGP have become the choice of more and more juvenile myopia patients.