Some methods to prevent myopia in life

each of us wants to be healthy, but we always encounter problems. We all want to have healthy eyes and don’t want myopia, but there are more and more myopia in our life, so we need to prevent all kinds of myopia, Let’s have a look.

1. Develop a good habit of reading books and newspapers:

may not care much about the way of reading books and newspapers in our life. Some are reading books and newspapers lying on the bed, some are reading books and newspapers on the sofa, and some are reading newspapers at close distance, which are very harmful to our eyes, Because there is an angle when the eyes look at things. If they read irregularly for a long time, there will be eye pain and discomfort in their long-term habits. This will not only harm the eyes, but also endanger their eyesight. Therefore, we must develop a good habit of reading books and newspapers.

2. When watching TV, you must stay away from and face up to the TV:

when watching TV, you must have a certain distance from the TV, at least 1. More than 5 meters, so as to protect the eyes. Only by taking this small detail seriously can we better prevent myopia. In addition, we must face up to the TV, don’t lie down and watch TV, don’t sit on the side of the TV, let alone sit under the TV and look up at the TV. We must face up to it and be at the same level as the TV, To achieve the effect of eye protection.

3. When using our eyes for a period of time, we should remember to rest our eyes:

whether we are in class, reading or doing our homework, we must rest our eyes regularly. Our eyes will be tired and need to rest so that we can work better. We are watching TV, When watching computers, reading books and doing homework, relax your eyes every half an hour to 40 minutes. You can see the sky and buildings far away. This can be of great help to prevent myopia.

IV. often do eye exercises:

eye exercises are a set of eye protection exercises learned from primary school. You can spend 10 minutes doing eye exercises every day and stick to them for a long time. Doing eye exercises can relax the nerves around the eyes and the pressure around the eyes, and then it can also be of great help to your eyes, So we must insist on doing eye exercises every day. To prevent myopia.

v. ensure adequate sleep

our adequate sleep can well eliminate fatigue. When we get back to work, our eyes are relaxed and can eliminate fatigue. Moreover, in the sleep state, endocrine hormones will increase, which is also conducive to the growth and development of teenagers. Therefore, if you want to prevent myopia, you must pay attention to sleep and ensure adequate sleep.

above are some methods that can help us prevent myopia. We need to pay good attention to these problems in our life. Some bad living habits are often the important reasons for our myopia. When our eyes are tired, we should pay attention to rest. We can do eye exercises for a long time, Look into the distance.

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