Some problems about high myopia

Abstract: Generally speaking, for every 300 degree increase in myopia, the anterior posterior diameter of the eyeball increases by about 1 mm. Therefore, the higher the degree of myopia, the greater the risk of retinal detachment. What are the hazards of

high myopia? The risk of posterior scleral staphyloma in high myopia is 77%, and the higher the degree of myopia, the greater the probability of occurrence.

harm 2. Cause retinal choroidal atrophy and degeneration

because the eye axis of high myopia becomes longer and prone to retinal degeneration.


cause retinal choroidal neovascularization. The incidence of subretinal neovascularization in high myopia is as high as 40%, which can directly affect vision.

harm 4. Retinal detachment

in patients with retinal detachment, 70% of patients are myopia, and the proportion of high myopia is very large.

what is ICL lens implantation

ICL implantation is to place “ultra-thin lens designed to correct myopia” in the posterior chamber space of the ocular refractive system and fix it in the ciliary sulcus to achieve the goal of long-term correction of ametropia. Is

ICL lens implantation safe?

ICL lens implantation is a safe and reversible surgical method. However, as an intraocular operation, ICL lens implantation requires higher technology, safety and perioperative management, especially for high myopia.