Staring at the mobile phone screen every day, when there is a “stone” in your heart, everyone should take a warning

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: staring at the mobile phone screen every day, when you have a “stone” in your heart, Everyone should take a warning

dry and itchy eyes

seem to be mixed with small sand

look blurred

eye drops are useless

if you have these symptoms,

may be eye stones

are generating

in places you can’t see I’ve only heard of kidney stones and gallstones


. Have you ever heard of eye stones?

click on the picture to see what the eye stones look like.

eye stones are not real stones, but are formed by the degeneration of the conjunctival epithelium and the degeneration and shedding of tissue debris mixed with mucus secretions accumulated on the conjunctiva during inflammation.


eye stones often do not attract people’s attention in the initial stage. Once they are large or protrude from the conjunctival surface and form small particles, they will rub the eyeball, causing redness and swelling of the eyeball, full of blood, and make people have a tingling feeling.

eye stones love to find these people


excessive eye use

eye stones are common in patients with dry eye. Usually, long-time close eye use, such as computer office and staying up late playing with mobile phones, leads to insufficient blinking times, insufficient tear quality, leading to dry eye, and inattention to eye hygiene, It is easy to cause eye stones.


often wear eye makeup

a large number of patients with eye stones are women who have the habit of making up, especially eye makeup. In fact, makeup itself is not the main cause of eye stones. What really causes eye stones is that makeup is not removed completely or cosmetics enter the eyes when making up.


often wear contact lenses

soft contact lenses have a large contact area with conjunctival cornea, which will stimulate eyelids and lead to increased secretion. Once small particles or dust enter the eyes, they will combine with substances and secretions in the eyes, and eye stones are easy to form over time. Because eye stones are much smaller than sand, they are often difficult to detect in the early stage. Therefore, friends who wear contact lenses must pay attention to eye hygiene and dust in their daily life.

how to prevent eye stones

although the treatment of eye stones is relatively simple, because eye stones are often caused by eye inflammation, when the inflammation is not completely eliminated, only the stones are removed, the symptoms are not the root cause, and the patients pay little attention, the eye stones will relapse. Therefore, the focus of the treatment of eye stones is to prevent eye inflammation.

ordinary people should pay attention to eye hygiene at ordinary times to prevent foreign bodies from entering their eyes. They can wear sunglasses to prevent wind and sand when going out in windy days.

for contact lens wearers, consult the doctor in detail when fitting glasses, check whether the eyes are suitable for wearing contact lenses, pay attention to regular disinfection and maintenance of the lenses, deproteinization, and regular inspection of the eyes. If any discomfort symptoms are found in the eyes, they should stop wearing them immediately.

women should minimize heavy eye makeup. If necessary, pay attention to eye cleaning when removing makeup. After removing makeup, apply eyes with a hot towel or steam with water, which can alleviate eye inflammation and reduce the incidence of eye stones.

friends who usually have dry eyes can apply hot towels to their eyes to relieve eye fatigue and dry eyes and prevent eye stones.