Stir fried fresh radish tassel with spicy sauce — preventing myopia and promoting metabolism


radish tassels are radish leaves we often eat. They are rich in nutrients and can also promote metabolism. Radish leaves are no less nutritious than radish, so we must make use of them. Some people say how to eat radish leaves, The following spicy fried fresh radish tassel is a good recipe to promote metabolism, beauty and beauty.

stir fried fresh radish tassel

radish tassel is the stem and leaf of radish, which can appetize, stop diarrhea and stop dysentery.

radish tassel has high nutritional value and high fiber, which can prevent constipation; It also contains vitamins and minerals, vitamin A and B1 are very high, vitamin C is also very rich, and it also contains rich water, which can moisturize and beautify the skin; Its taste is a little spicy, with a touch of bitterness, which can help digestion and regulate qi; The content of molybdenum in radish tassel is high. Therefore, often taking radish tassel soup can prevent myopia, presbyopia and cataract. Radish leaves are rich in nutrients and can also promote metabolism. It has a good effect on improving immunity. It also contains rich vitamins, which can supplement comfort. It has the effect of moistening intestines, defecating, beauty and beauty. Suitable for a variety of people.


main ingredients

350g radish tassel, salt, dry red pepper, ginger


1 Prepare radish tassels, ginger and dried red pepper.

2. Wash the radish tassel and cut it into small pieces; Cut pepper into filaments; Shred ginger and set aside.

3. Shred dried red pepper and ginger.

4. Heat the oil in the pot and saute ginger and garlic; Pour in dried red pepper and stir fry until fragrant.

5. Pour in radish Tassels and stir well.

6. Add some salt and stir well.

7. Adjust the flavor and put it into a bowl.

about the specific practice and nutritional value of stir fried fresh radish tassel, I believe you have some understanding and Research on it. Eating such food often can not only nourish yin and moisten dryness, but also prevent myopia, moisturize skin and promote metabolism. It has a good effect on relieving tension. It’s a good food therapy method for health care. Try it quickly.

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