Successful treatment of daughter’s myopia (real experience sharing)

five years ago, that is, in February 2009, on the evening of the new semester, my daughter called from the schooland

and told us that she couldn’t see the blackboard clearly in class and needed glasses. The breath ofand

hit me like a bolt from the blue, and suddenly my body was paralyzed. Our husband and wife are medium and high myopia. We are well aware of the pain of myopia and the inconvenience and helplessness of wearing glasses. It has always been our dream and wish to prevent our daughter fromand

myopia. Since our daughter was young, we have paid special attention to protecting her eyesight. I remember when we took her to have her eyesight tested in the first grade of primary school, She can easily see the last line 2.0 (5.3) of theand

force table. Her daughter is very proud of her eyesight, and myand

are also complacent about it. How can the haze of myopia come so ruthlessly? Femaleand

have a talent for music and love stage performance. Wearing glasses on their beautiful eyes will undoubtedly make them danceand

Taiwan’s image is greatly reduced. Lying in bed, tossing and turning, I spent a sleepless night in pain.and

took our daughter to the optical shop for examination the next afternoon. The eyesight of both eyes was only 0.3 andand

were 0.25 respectively. The myopia of both eyes was 200 and 225 degrees respectively in computer optometry. The optometrist suggested that weand

go to the hospital for mydriasis examination before fitting glasses. We rushed to the ophthalmology department of the hospital and didn’t hang up the number of the day. We had to send her back to school for examination at the weekend.

at night, I still can’t sleep. The fact that my daughter has to wear glasses makes me unacceptable. I simply put on my clothes, got up, turned on the computer, constantly searched the Internet for “myopia”, and tried to understand: what’s the matter with myopia? Can you treat it? When I saw the online report that someone had cured myopia withand

traditional Chinese medicine massage and plum blossom needle, I was very excited. The idea ofand

sprouted in my heart: no matter how much money, cost, time and energy I spent, I would try my best to cure my daughter’s myopia withand

! If my daughter’s myopia is cured, I must help more childrenand

prevent myopia. Since then, I have embarked on the road of research and exploration of myopia prevention and control.and

were 2.0 in the physical examination of Freshmen in Tsinghua University in September

I began to look for information about myopia and study. If you don’t learn and don’t know, you will know how ignorant you were at the beginning. It is impossible forand

to prevent myopia only by your own feelings. You don’t know at all: Children’s vision is 1.0 or better when they are 5 years old,and

are very likely to develop into myopia in the future, and their daughter’s vision reaches 2.0 when she is 6 years old, We are also complacent aboutand

. We don’t know that the decline of eyesight from 2.0 is the beginning of myopia. More than a year ago, during the school physical examination, our daughter’s eyesight decreased to barely 0.8, and we often felt that when ourand

eyes were tired, we didn’t know that our daughter was already short-sighted, and we thought it was just the so-called “falseand

myopia, I thinkand

can be recovered as long as I drop those eye drops marked with “treating myopia” every day. I don’t know that any eye drops can’t treat eye fatigue and myopia. I don’t know that various factors in daily life ofand

will lead to myopia. I don’t know the damage of predatory eye use to the eyes,and

don’t know that they are the culprit of their daughter’s myopia… The more they know, the more they feel that theirand

are ignorant, and the more they feel ashamed and even ashamed.content viewing this hidden content can only be viewed by VIP. Upgrading VIP

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