Summer high incidence of myopia, parents must be vigilant!

Abstract: myopia, like our stature and thought, has a process of gradual maturity. Every summer vacation will usher in a high incidence of children’s myopia. During the summer vacation, parents should pay attention to urging their children to develop correct eye habits and not let their children go. During the

summer vacation, due to the hot weather and the lack of constraints for parents to go to work, many children like to stay at home, indulge in video games or watch TV, play iPad and read books. As a result, the eyes are not only unable to rest, but more tired. It is understood that from July to August in the summer, the number of ophthalmic clinics in various hospitals increased a lot compared with normal times, becoming a high incidence period of children’s myopia. To make children’s eyes “safe” for the summer vacation, the correct habit of using eyes is the key. If you find that your child’s vision is abnormal, you must go to a regular hospital or a professional optometry unit for examination and treatment in time.


watch TV constantly, keep your mobile phone in hand, and play video games addictively, which is a true portrayal of many children’s holiday life… Children stay at home, indulge in electronic products and can’t extricate themselves, while parents are worried about their children’s eyesight.

cultivating correct eye habits is the basis for preventing myopia.

experts remind: “Myopia, like our size and thoughts, has a process of gradual maturity. Every summer vacation will usher in a high incidence of children’s myopia. Parents should pay attention to urging children to develop correct eye habits during the summer vacation and don’t let their children go. There will be obvious signs of children’s abnormal vision. Parents must be vigilant, treat and correct their children’s improper eye habits in time Used to. Once you miss the best treatment period, the curative effect will be discounted. ”

how to prevent myopia and prevent myopia from deepening? Experts said: “cultivating correct eye habits is the key. There are teachers to manage during school, but parents at home during holidays need to pay attention to their children’s eye use. During holidays, try to avoid watching electronic products such as mobile phones and iPads. Mobile phones and handheld computers are more harmful to your eyes than TV. Playing mobile phones for 10 minutes is equivalent to watching TV for 30 minutes.”


experts also said that although it is unrealistic to completely isolate children in modern society from mobile phones and handheld computers, However, it is necessary to prevent children under the age of 6 from contacting such products and strictly control the contact time (no more than 1 hour a day). Children should be encouraged to participate in outdoor sports.

to prevent children’s myopia. It is recommended to have a visual examination

every six months Children with abnormal vision will have some obvious signs. Parents must be vigilant. If the child’s vision is found to be abnormal, such as squinting, crooked head and other bad watching habits, frequent blinking, and the need to look close when looking at things, he should be treated in time and never take chances.

“15% ~ 30% of the children who come to the hospital for examination are pseudomyopia, which can be recovered through timely treatment and correction of improper eye habits. However, most children wait until they are really myopia to attract their parents’ attention. At this time, they can only correct and control their eyesight by wearing frames and corneal shaping glasses.” Experts said that in the cases he contacted, many children had the symptoms of “blurred vision” and “unable to see things far away” for one or two years at the first visit. Experts also suggested that preventive measures should be taken first. “Even if there are no abnormal visual symptoms, it is best to have a visual examination every six months.”