Surprise presbyopia may have medicine to cure

Abstract: Baird said that hepatocyte growth factor is the first gene found to be related to hyperopia. Research on it may find out what is wrong with the development of eyes to cause hyperopia.

Australian researchers said that they found a gene related to hyperopia, which may be used to treat presbyopia in the future.

surprise presbyopia may have medicine.

scientists from the Australian Eye Research Center affiliated to the University of Melbourne said that their research on hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) gene gave them an important understanding of biological functions related to vision. “At present, the only treatment for hyperopia is wearing glasses, contact lenses and laser surgery,” said Professor Baird, who led the study

he said: “we hope this important gene discovery will help us develop new drug therapies; I also expect it will help improve the vision of the global population.”

after studying the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) of 551 Australian adults, scientists at the center confirmed the genetic variation related to hyperopia.

Baird said that hepatocyte growth factor is the first gene found to be related to hyperopia. Studying it may find out what is wrong with the development of eyes to cause hyperopia.


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