Take care of your eye health, please walk into myopia with me!

Abstract: in recent years, the incidence rate of myopia is very high, and it can be seen everywhere in life and work. So prevention of myopia is very important, but many people’s prevention in life is not effective. The following are the correct preventive measures.

myopia brings people trouble and pain, which is deeply experienced by the majority of myopia friends. It not only affects daily life, but also endangers eye health. At the same time, it will also affect further education and employment. Once people suffer from myopia, allowing it to develop without effective correction will cause high myopia and easily lead to various complications. The second is the future harm. In the fierce competition in modern society, myopia patients will affect their life future, career development and future planning due to visual defects in entering a higher school, job hunting and employment.

what harm does myopia do to patients:

1. Low vision, dry eyes and fatigue often affect the quality of study, life and work; Wearing glasses for a long time leads to inconvenience in life and work.

2. Medium and high myopia will lead to exophthalmos, eyelid relaxation and affect appearance.

3. Limited access to higher education, military service and job hunting.

4. After old age, you must wear two pairs of glasses because of presbyopia.


5, the incidence rate of cataract and glaucoma in myopia patients is significantly higher than that in normal persons.

6. The main harm is medium and high myopia, especially high myopia, which is easy to cause vitreous opacity, retinal hemorrhage and detachment.


are the problems that many people care about. In recent years, the incidence rate of myopia is very high, and it is everywhere in life and work. So the prevention of myopia is very important, but many people in life have no effect on prevention. The following are the correct precautionary measures.

how to prevent myopia:

(I) develop good eye hygiene habits, write correctly, one foot away from the book, don’t lie down and read, don’t read in strong light or dark places, don’t read for too long, and let your eyes rest for a while every 50 minutes or so, Look into the distance.

(II). It is not suitable to watch TV for a long time and play video games for a long time. Now many primary and secondary school students play video games with small display screens, words and patterns and dark light. Many children simply forget the existence of time after playing addiction, which is very harmful.

(III). Doing eye exercises is very important for eliminating visual fatigue and protecting eyesight. It is also a daily protection that we can do. However, because the students are young, they generally do not realize the importance of eye exercises. Doing eye exercises is just a chore, so teachers and parents should often urge their children to do exercises in place. Don’t stick to doing eye exercises once or twice a day. You can do eye exercises whenever you read for a long time or feel eyesight fatigue.


(IV). Encourage children to participate in outdoor activities, see more green plants such as trees, flowers and plants, and often take children out of the buildings, so that children can look into the distance in a wide field of vision.

warm reminder if you are not myopia, please take good care of your eyes, stay away from your mobile phone, stay away from your computer and keep good habits.

if you have myopia, please go to the hospital for treatment and correction in time. Don’t wear contact lenses because of beauty, and don’t bring too much burden to your eyes.

because vision is gone forever.