Teach you 4 good ways to prevent myopia

is a very important thing for the current society and children to prevent myopia. Myopia will develop into high myopia, and high myopia will be inherited to the next generation, so we should eliminate these symptoms. Here are four ways to prevent myopia and improve vision in daily life.

four moves teach you how to prevent vision loss:

method 1: eye movement

in addition to eye exercises, eyes can also do massage exercises and crystal gymnastics. These methods help to prevent vision loss. For example, massage is to slowly close your eyes first, and then massage the Tianying point, Qingming point, Sibai point and temple of your eyes in turn. Press it gently to feel a little acid swelling, which can promote the blood circulation around your eyes and prevent myopia. Another kind of crystal gymnastics is to let the eyes rotate up and down, left and right. Generally, it’s good to rotate about ten times. After turning, you can look into the distance, which can improve metabolism and effectively prevent vision loss.

method 2: scientific lighting

it is not enough for us to only turn on the desk lamp when reading. We should turn on the fluorescent lamp on the ceiling at the same time, and the desk lamp should be placed 50 cm away from the book. It should be reminded that the prevention of myopia also requires that when reading and writing, the light and brightness of the light source should be stable, and it is best to choose non reflective books. This comprehensive consideration can better prevent vision loss.

method 3: eye protection food

food how to prevent vision loss? Studies have proved that vitamin A is the best nutrient to prevent night blindness. We can eat more eggs and animal liver if we want to prevent myopia. Eating more protein, calcium, zinc and other trace elements can also help prevent vision loss, so we should pay attention to strengthening the absorption of these nutrients in our daily life. Method 4 of


: take reasonable rest


to protect eyesight is closely related to living habits. Therefore, to prevent eyesight loss, you should also pay attention to rest. Generally, you should read for 45 minutes, preferably rest for 10 minutes, keep a distance of at least 25-30 cm from books when reading, and do not read when riding, walking or lying in bed. Only by developing good eye habits and ensuring adequate rest of the eyes can we effectively prevent vision loss and myopia. The above


are the ways to prevent myopia. Once we find ourselves short-sighted, we must adjust our eyes more and check our eyesight regularly. We’d better wear glasses, but try not to wear contact lenses and pay attention to alleviating eye fatigue.