Teach you three ways to prevent and control children’s myopia

Abstract: “children’s arms are relatively short and they are focused on electronic products. The deepening of myopia is closely related to the distance between their eyes. The closer they are, the more damage to their eyes will be doubled. Therefore, I usually let children use computers to learn instead of mobile phones.”

controls the damage of electronic products to the eyes: mobile phone > Computer > TV

at home, the use of electronic products by children is strictly controlled, so that children have “sequelae” — give up their parents’ mobile phones. When children enter the fourth and fifth grades, electronic products are used to assist learning, but the use method is also exquisite.

“the degree of myopia deepening is closely related to the distance between eyes.

” children’s arms are relatively short and they stare at electronic products attentively. However, the degree of myopia deepening is closely related to the distance between eyes. The closer they are, the more damage to their eyes will be doubled. Therefore, I generally let children use computers instead of mobile phones. ”

the relationship between the adjustment force (i.e. diopter) used by children’s eyes and distance is:

1 / distance (unit / meter) = D (diopter)

. For example, children’s distance from mobile phones is about 20cm, the adjustment force used is 5.00d (500 degrees), the distance from computers is about 50cm, and the adjustment force used is 2.00d (200 degrees), the distance to watch TV is generally more than 3 meters, and only 0.33d adjustment force is used at most, i.e. 33 degrees. Therefore, parents should pay special attention to the damage of electronic products to eyes. Mobile phones > computers > TV.

The reason why we pay so much attention to myopia is not only that myopia will cause blurred vision, but also that high myopia may affect fundus function. This part of the population is as high as 10% ~ 20% in the population of myopia, and even cause retinal detachment in severe cases.

trick 2

help children overcome procrastination

some parents may say that children have heavy schoolwork. Even if they don’t play mobile computers, do they always have to do homework? My children do 11 o’clock every night. Can they not be short-sighted?


in fact, children do homework for a long time, not necessarily more homework. It may be that the child’s “procrastination” has been committed!

children should also learn time management when they study.

“my children used to do the same. Their homework can be done late at night from 8:00 p.m. later, I asked him to finish it before 9:30 p.m. and put it away if he couldn’t finish it.” It is because he knows the child’s psychology well. “Don’t think that the child is sitting there for four or five hours to concentrate on learning. In fact, the child’s concentration time is very short. Parents should use some skills to let the child complete the learning task in a short time and give his eyes enough rest time.”


sure enough, children are worried about going back to school and being criticized by teachers. They finish their homework as soon as possible and don’t have to “fight” until midnight.




are checked regularly. The reason why the myopia rate of children in the first tier cities of


is very high is that compared with children living in rural areas, the time of outdoor activities is much shorter. Experiments have confirmed that outdoor exercise time of no less than 20 hours a week is helpful to the prevention and control of myopia: under dynamic sunlight, the body secretes dopamine, which may slow down the growth of ocular axis, and within the intensity that the eyes can bear, dynamic sunlight can delay the progress of myopia more than indoor light source. So parents might as well encourage their children to get close to nature and be wild outdoors, which is also good for the prevention of myopia.


release children’s nature and are good for the eyes.


at the same time, in the first tier cities, parents pay more attention to children’s vision, while in the second and third tier cities, especially some small cities, the attention is low. In fact, it is not only the problem of myopia, but also the problem of congenital high myopia, high hyperopia Enough attention should be paid to the situation of amblyopia caused by astigmatism. 3% ~ 5% of children in the crowd have amblyopia, and some are monocular amblyopia, which is difficult for ordinary parents to detect. If they are not well intervened and treated in childhood, it may affect the children’s life.

therefore, regular eye examination and establishment of refractive files are very important. Refractive files can closely track the changes of children’s diopter. The corresponding visual examination can also evaluate the health status and visual function of the whole eye, such as whether there is visual fatigue and dyslexia, how the coordination function of hands and eyes, and whether the color vision function is abnormal, so as to find the potential problems of the eye as soon as possible.