Teach you to do a set of eye exercises

Abstract: people who do more eye exercises will get enough exercise and become bright and moving. Sometimes I think it doesn’t work. It’s probably because your method is wrong. Let’s follow the Xiaobian of jianke.com to see this unique eye care exercise.

eye care aerobics

1 The head does not move, and the two eyes look up in the eyes as far as possible, and then look down. Up and down is once, 15 times in total.       2. Tilt your head slightly to the right, squint your eyes to the upper left first, then turn down slowly, squint to the lower left for 15 times.     3. Close your eyes and make your eyes turn in a circle, first clockwise, then counterclockwise, 8 times each. Try not to squint.     4. Relax your eyes, slightly close your eyelids, keep your eyes still, and rest for 1 minute. This set of eye aerobics is not limited by conditions. It only takes 3 ~ 4 minutes to do morning exercises once a day. As long as you persevere and stick to it for the first half of a month, you can significantly improve the beauty of your eyes, reduce fatigue and make your eyes more divine, crystal and beautiful.


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