Ten hazards of playing mobile phone before going to bed affect vision and intelligence

Abstract: playing with mobile phones before going to bed is a bad habit of many people before going to bed. It will affect our eyesight, damage our skin and even affect our intelligence. Let’s take a look at the top ten hazards of playing with mobile phones before going to bed.

watch TV, computers, mobile phones, etc. within an hour before going to bed. Its signals will interfere with the brain. Artificial light will also inhibit the secretion of melatonin, making it difficult for people to sleep. Don’t watch TV dramas and videos that make people excited, scary, sad or depressed before going to bed. These all stimulate the brain, make it difficult to sleep and reduce the quality of sleep. Next, let’s go to the article to learn more about the hazards of playing mobile phones before going to bed.

what harm does playing mobile phone do to eyes before going to bed?

1. Dry eyes

a new study published in the Journal of optometry and Visual Science found that when people read text information through mobile phones or surf the Internet, their eyes will be closer than holding a book or a newspaper in their hands, which means that it is more difficult for their eyes to focus on mobile phone pictures and texts, Using your mobile phone to browse the web for a long time will cause dry eyes. In addition, it is more likely to cause headaches and eye fatigue. Therefore, when you see this information on the life tips online, I hope you can think about your health and tell each other.

2. Blurred vision

stare at the mobile phone for a long time in a dark room. The light emitted by the mobile phone will fatigue the eye muscles, affect the focusing ability and cause blurred vision. Initially, it may only be temporary visual fatigue, but in the long run, it will become permanent, eventually leading to myopia and even astigmatism.

3. Visual acuity deviation

people are born with the same degree of two eyes, while long-term lying in bed playing with mobile phones will cause visual acuity deviation of left and right eyes in a month. Because lying on the left and right side exerts the greatest pressure on the left and right eyes, the vision deviation of the left and right eyes will be caused in such a month. The pressure of the pillow on the eyes will cause insufficient blood supply. Over time, the eyes will have a sense of expansion and short-term image overlap.

4. Affecting the vision,

lying on the left and right side exerts the greatest pressure on the left and right eyes, This will cause vision deviation of left and right eyes within a month (why some people wear glasses with different degrees on the left and right, but the degree of their eyes is the same when they are born, because some people like to lie horizontally playing with mobile phones, reading novels and reading comics.) the oppression of pillows on the eyes leads to insufficient blood supply. Over time, the eyes will have a sense of expansion, and the short-term images overlap. This is not good for eye drops! So really, for our sake Eyes really don’t!

5. Cell phones, tablets or other electronic products that emit light that affect the biological clock

that use in bed for more than one hour will reduce the total amount of melatonin produced by people by about 22%. Once people’s melatonin is inhibited to this extent, people’s physiological cycle will also be affected. The direct impact is to keep people in light sleep, and even greatly reduce people’s sleep time. In other words, after playing the mobile phone for an hour, you may have to play for another three hours because you can’t sleep.

6. The radiation of

mobile phones affecting intelligence is relatively large, including screen radiation and body signal receiving radiation. The blood in human body needs to maintain a balance of positive and negative charges. The radiation of the screen will have a slight impact on this balance. Although it is small, it is still harmful. For a long time, it will cause the decline of immunity, fatigue, nausea and other adverse reactions. Looking at the mobile phone for a long time will also affect your eyesight. It is recommended to play less mobile phones when sleeping at night. In addition, the signal receiving radiation of mobile phones will affect people’s brain nervous system, which will reduce intelligence over time.

7. Numbness of fingers

frequent keystrokes and sore thumb. Excessive use of mobile phones and frequent text messages will lead to discomfort symptoms such as thumb pain, numbness or swelling.

8. Chronic strain

excessive drooping of the neck, unnatural bending of the body, and more and more forward leaning of the neck. This makes the human neck sternoclavicular papillary muscle continuously stretch forward, and it will be in a state of chronic congestion after a long time. Over time, it is easy to compress the vertebral artery and induce cervical spondylosis, resulting in chronic strain.

9. Cervical reverse arch

we normal people have cervical physiological bending. If there is no physiological bending, or even bending in the opposite direction, it is called “reverse arch”. “Cervical reverse arch” is the most common pathological basis of cervical spondylosis. High pillow can bend the head forward and increase the stress of lower cervical spine, which may accelerate the degeneration of cervical spine. The bad living habits such as lying on the high back, watching TV, surfing the Internet for a long time and lying on the mobile phone, pulling the cervical spine for a long time will also lead to the gradual reduction, straightening and even reverse bow of its curve protrusion.


10. The radiation of


mobile phones that damage the skin can not be underestimated. When people use mobile phones, they are very close to their face, which will have a certain impact on the skin. It is uncertain whether they will grow spots, but it is certainly not conducive to the skin and is prone to acne.


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