Ten myopia surgery questions with the highest click through rate

Abstract: postoperative visual acuity can be restored to your best corrected visual acuity before operation. Generally speaking, it is the best visual acuity you can achieve when you wear glasses before operation. Generally speaking, your corrected visual acuity after operation can be basically predicted according to the preoperative examination results of myopia operation.

1. I am not suitable for laser myopia surgery.


are aged from 18 to 55. The degree of myopia is relatively stable for more than one year. There are no progressive eye diseases such as keratitis and conjunctivitis, non scar constitution, and the preoperative examination of myopia surgery meets the requirements. For myopia below 1200 degrees and astigmatism within 600 degrees, laser myopia surgery can be considered. If it exceeds this degree or the cornea is too thin, ICL lens implantation can be considered.

2. How long does the laser myopia operation take

generally, the operation needs to be reserved for at least three days. The first day: preoperative examination for about two hours; The next day: the operation lasted more than ten minutes; Day 3: review.

3. How long can normal eye use be restored after operation? Vision can be restored after myopia surgery, and normal life and eye use can be achieved 24 hours later. Postoperative maintenance is also very important. Pay attention to scientific eye use, regular review and follow the doctor’s advice.

4. To what extent can postoperative vision be restored? Will it rebound?

postoperative vision can be restored to your preoperative best corrected vision. Generally speaking, it is the best vision you can achieve when you wear glasses before surgery. Generally speaking, your postoperative corrected vision can be basically predicted according to the preoperative examination results of myopia surgery. Recheck on time, pay attention to scientific eye use, strictly follow the doctor’s advice, and develop good eye use habits. Generally, the degree of myopia will not rebound.

5. What preparations should be made before laser myopia surgery?


should stop wearing contact lenses at least one week in advance and RGP hard contact lenses three weeks in advance, and then carry out preoperative examination. It is not suitable to drive alone on the day of inspection. A relative or friend shall be arranged to accompany you. Female friends should avoid physiological period, pregnancy and lactation. At the same time, cold and fever should not be operated on.

6. Is laser myopia surgery safe? Are there any sequelae?

laser myopia surgery is a very rigorous operation. Myopic surgery is not suitable for everyone. There are nearly 20 strict preoperative examinations before operation. Each examination must meet the operation index before operation, so as to ensure the safety of each operation from the source. If any examination index does not meet the operation index, the doctor of Baoding Xinshi ophthalmology hospital will not perform the operation.


myopia surgery are clearly recognized by the national physical examination standard for conscription issued by the national conscription office. Millions of people have been removed through myopia surgery in China. Myopia surgery is not only popular in China, but also widely recognized all over the world. Entertainment and sports stars bid farewell to myopia through laser surgery every year.

7. Does laser myopia surgery hurt?

myopia laser surgery is performed on the cornea without any pain. It takes only a few seconds to implement the laser and only a few minutes to lie on the operating table. Before the operation, some preoperative preparations need to be made, about 15 to 20 minutes from entering the operating room to coming out.

8. Do ophthalmologists do myopia surgery?


as the saying goes, every line is like a mountain. It is a rumor that ophthalmologists do not perform myopia surgery. The truth is: many ophthalmologists and their families have had myopia surgery. Not only ophthalmologists, but also doctors in other departments have also had myopia surgery. They just take off their glasses. It is impossible to find that they have had myopia surgery through the naked eye.

9. How much does laser myopia surgery cost?

myopia surgery has various methods and different prices. Your personal myopia, cornea, fundus and surgical requirements determine which surgical method you are suitable for. After a complete preoperative examination, the doctor will objectively tell you which surgical methods are suitable. You can choose freely according to your personal situation. Only one pair of eyes, surgery only once, the price is not the only consideration, suitable for their own is the best.