The 4 best foods to improve myopia

What foods can eat to be able to improve myopia?The following four kinds of food are the most suitable.

  1. Blueberry
best foods to improve myopia

Blueberries are small, but they have high nutritional value. Experts believe that regular consumption of blueberries can alleviate eye discomfort, especially for people who often feel sore eyes and suffer from night blindness.

  1. Corn
corn to improve myopia

Why can corn also improve eyesight? This is because corn contains a lot of lutein and zeaxanthin, these 2 substances can help the eye to resist aging, but also can reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes. People with poor eyesight often eat corn to improve their eyesight.

  1. Sweet potato
sweet potato to improve myopia

There is rich dietary fiber in sweet potato, and eating sweet potato has the effect of tonifying kidney, so what’s the relationship between this and improving eyesight? According to traditional Chinese medicine, vision decline is also related to liver and kidney deficiency, so people can indirectly improve vision by eating the food of nourishing liver and kidney.

  1. Fruit of the Virgin
Fruit of the Virgin to improve myopia

It is also a small tomato that we often eat. This kind of fruit contains very high vitamin C. you know that vitamin C is very good for the eyes. Myopia can often eat some of it to protect the eyes. In addition, the sacred fruit also has the antioxidant effect, long-term eating it also has the effect of beauty.

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