The ancients treated myopia like this

the liver opens the eyes, and eye diseases are mostly related to the liver. Liver and kidney are homologous. Nourishing water can contain wood. In the treatment of this disease, ancient traditional functional methods paid more attention to regulating and nourishing the liver and kidney.

1. Shoushi Fax: “every time you wake up and don’t open your eyes, rub your eyes with the back of your two big fingers, wipe your eyes 14 times, still close them, turn your eyes dark, right and left seven times, close them tightly for a few times, and open them suddenly. It can keep the divine light and never have eye diseases”. “Press the small acupoints next to the eyebrows with the back curved bones of the two big fingers for thirty-nine or twenty-seven times, rub the cheekbones of the two eyes with your hand, and rotate the ears for thirty times; multiply the forehead inversely with your hand, starting from the middle of the two eyebrows and entering the hair behind the brain for twenty-seven times, you still have to swallow countless fluid. Treating the ears and eyes can clear the eyes.”. “Press the eyes close to the nose and canthus with your hand, that is, the corners of your eyes. Close your breath and press it, and the Qi will pass and stop. If you walk often, you can see the cave.”. “Kneeling down, holding the ground with both hands, turning back and looking hard at the back five times is called Tiger vision. In addition to the wind evil in the chest, it also goes to the kidney evil.”.


2. The notes for delaying the year and stopping the disease set forth the ear and eye formula: “In daily life, you press your hands on the small acupoints behind your eyebrows, and then move your hands and fingers on the cheekbones of your eyes, and turn your ears with your hands. When you go through 30, you can only count the seasons. When you finish, you often multiply your forehead with your hands reversely, and you still have to swallow liquid. If you do so often, your ears and eyes are clear, and you can write at night in two years. The small acupoints behind your eyebrows are the house of the Six Harmonies of the Shang Yuan Dynasty, which changes the brightness of your eyes, and harmonizes the beauty of your eyes It is a real person who sits on the “Tao” and shines brightly and penetrates the pupil. Notes to


: the operation contents of the above two skills are roughly the same and can be used for mutual reference. “Shoushi fax” emphasizes that it should be done when you wake up every day, while “Yannian Jiebing notes” emphasizes that it should be done at any time; The former refers to massage “small acupoints beside the eyebrow”, while the latter is “small acupoints behind the eyebrow”; The former also needs to press the inner corner of the eye. To investigate Liangwen, massage the acupoints between the outer part of the tip of the eyebrow and the temple. After performing exercises, you should swallow the body fluid in your mouth to nourish kidney yin.

3. The secret of life preservation: “the Dharma goes on the back of the root, turns right up, goes beyond the Kunlun Mountains (referring to the head of the human body), passes through the Mingtang hall, gradually turns to the eyes, narrowly circles into the pupils, retreats for dozens of degrees, lowers the chest, bends the large intestine, goes out of the valley, anneals and returns to the yuan position, moves the left eye to the left, moves the right eye to the right, and suffers from both sides, then ends the double movement from the Mingtang position.”

Note: this section is the specific application of xiaozhoutian skill in eye diseases. When conducting guidance, pay attention to the operation, and the Qi should reach the disease place before it can be effective.

4. The secret of life preservation: “first hold Kunlun with your hands, exhale with your head up, or hiss or Ho, diarrhea and recovery, then turn with two eyes, left and right up and down, open first and then close, close and reopen, move or move at any time, both”. Notes to


: the liver enlightens the eyes, and the essence of the kidney is the pupil. The eye can see because of liver blood; The spirit is discernible. Guide and regulate breath and cooperate with the SHH word formula of the six word formula to relieve liver heat; Ah word formula to remove heart fire to nourish kidney water; Raise your head and exhale to guide Qi upward. The action is simple and effective, easy to master, and then cooperate with the movement of the eyes to turn the eyes, so as to make the upward Qi return to the eyes.

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