The best eye exercises for office workers prevention of myopia

Working in the office, long time writing materials or looking at the computer screen can cause visual fatigue. In addition, long-term computer radiation and stimulation will inevitably have undesirable consequences on the eyes.

Therefore, in order to protect our eyes, no matter how busy we work, we have to take time to relax our eyes. Then, what should we do to relax our eyes in the office? How to exercise eyes?

The best eye exercises for office workers prevention of myopia

First, Eyeball rotation

1.turn the eyeball clockwise. The rotation speed must be very slow. The main point of turning the eyeball is that the head always faces the front, and only the eyeball is moved,

2.When turning to the left, try to look to the left as far as you can, but don’t turn your head to the left.

3.When turning up, try to look up, but don’t face upward. The same is true for the right and the down.

4.The orbit of rotation should be round, not just the left, top, right and bottom four points. Turn clockwise for 9 times, and then turn counterclockwise for 9 times. At this time, you will feel acid in the back neck. The key is here. You must turn to acid in the back neck to have curative effect. It is proved that at this time, the muscular nerve of the eye has been connected with the muscular nerve of the back neck.

Eye rotation to relieve visual fatigue

5.At this time, as long as the muscles of the back neck are massaged, the pain will soon disappear, and at this time, the eyes will become unusually relaxed.

Through just a few weeks of exercise, vision will be greatly improved. And can prevent myopia and other eye diseases.


Blink to prevent myopia

when eye fatigue or vision is reduced, it can be relieved by blinking. Concentrate, relax, close your eyes and then open them. Practice again and again. Exercise for 5 minutes each time, 3-4 times a day. So that all parts of the eyeball get sufficient blood supply, get more oxygen and nutrients, so as to protect vision.

Finally, the friendly reminder, the office staff can also reduce the eye irritation by adjusting the color of the computer screen, the specific operations are as follows: click with the mouse: Desktop – > right click – > properties – > appearance – > Advanced – > project selection, color 1 selection to change the color tone to: 85. Saturation: 123. Brightness: 205 – > add to custom color – > confirm at the custom color selection point – > make sure that all documents are no longer dazzling black words on white background, but very soft bean paste green.

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