The best method of Chinese medicine for myopia

Myopia is a common disease of teenagers. However, at present, the treatment of myopia has not been paid great attention to, often is “headache doctor head foot pain doctor foot”! At best, it only alleviated a little eyesight fatigue and corrected some bad eye habits. At present, there seems to be no effective way to treat myopia from the source.

In fact, traditional Chinese medicine has a good way to treat myopia.

First of all, traditional Chinese medicine believes that the production of myopia is related to the tissues and organs related to the eyes and the internal nerves and muscles. When the internal organs and the corresponding meridians, nerves and muscles are blocked or the circulation is not smooth, myopia will occur.

Therefore, Chinese medicine believes that myopia is a comprehensive disease manifested by organs, which deserves our attention.

When myopia comes into being, if you want to correct or cure it, it is most important to regulate and manage the viscera and the channels and nerves connected with organs. Without this thinking and means, the treatment of myopia is often ineffective.

Syndrome differentiation is the first. After receiving the myopic patients, the doctors will first start with blood gas, meridians and viscera, then contact the corresponding relationship between nerves and muscles, reasonably infer the causes of the myopic patients, and then formulate the corresponding reasonable treatment methods of traditional Chinese medicine.

Technique is very important. The methods of myopia treatment in traditional Chinese medicine include medicine, fumigation, acupuncture, moxibustion, massage and so on. In addition to the traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, the use of other methods is the most important. The order before and after the use of various methods, the priority of the use of methods, and the interrelation of acupoint application will affect the final results of treatment.

The best way to recover myopia

1、 Remove silt

The best method of Chinese medicine for myopia

Use the technique to remove the obstruction of meridians and acupoints around the eyes.

2、 Dredge meridians

With the help of modern high-tech myopia “magnetic therapy stick”, dredge collaterals and supplement magnetism, open channels and collaterals.

3、 Application medicine

Apply medicine on specific acupoints, and Chinese medicine on specific acupoints for 10 hours, so as to follow the meridians and the inside, supplement the deficiency and strengthen the right, and treat internal and external diseases.

4、 Moxibustion rehabilitation

Through moxibustion, eye acupoints are stimulated, channels are warmed and collaterals are dredged, damaged visual cells are repaired, development and growth of visual cells are promoted, and vision is restored.

5、 Five second training

Through ciliary muscle and eyeball training, speed up the recovery of vision.

Time to catch up. Myopia is a chronic disease of organs. TCM advocates early prevention and timely treatment. Once the time is too long, it will not only increase the difficulty of healing, but also lengthen the healing time. Because the longer the time of organ loss, the longer the time of repair.

The magic of Chinese medicine for myopia lies in its unique thinking of syndrome differentiation and individualized diagnosis and treatment. When you try all other methods are ineffective, you may as well try to use the magic of traditional Chinese

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