The best way to relieve eye fatigue is to do it at any time!!

Abstract: getting old. It’s easy to be presbyopia. Try the massage of Mingyan point to ensure that you can hear and see. People who can’t work without computers need this recipe! If we often feel eye fatigue, but it is not the time to sleep, then we can use acupoint massage to relieve the symptoms of eye fatigue.

spend a lot of time at home every day, surfing the Internet, watching mobile phones and doing things that destroy their eyes. Let’s introduce how to protect your eyes!

crystal gymnastics:

twinkling of an eye: hold your cheeks with both hands, let your eyes rotate 10 times in the order of up, down, left and right, and then rotate 10 times counterclockwise and clockwise respectively.

find a scene 3 meters away (such as calligraphy and painting on the wall), raise your left hand and straighten it slightly higher from your eyes (about 30 cm), see the palm and hand lines, then see the distant objects, move your eyes between them as quickly as possible and go back and forth for 20 times.


Take sitting or supine, close your eyes naturally, and then massage the acupoints around your eyes in turn. It is required that the acupoints should be taken accurately, the manipulation should be light and slow, and the degree of local acid swelling should be considered.

kneading Tianying acupoint: gently knead Tianying acupoint (under the eyebrow and at the outer upper corner of the eye socket) with the thumb of both hands.

squeezing Jingming acupoint: gently knead Jingming acupoint (at the base of the nose close to the inner canthus of both eyes) with the thumb of one hand, first press down, and then squeeze

upward. Knead Sibai acupoint: knead Sibai acupoint in the center of the cheek with the index finger

press the temple and scrape the orbit round: press the temple with your thumb (the middle of the eyebrow tip and the outer corner of the eye is at the back of the horizontal finger), then gently scrape the orbit with the inner surface of the second section of the bent index finger, from inner upper – > outer upper – > outer lower – > inner lower, so as to massage the points around the orbit, such as the waist of bamboo fish, silk and bamboo emptiness, few pupils, behind the ball, sobbing, etc. it is good for pseudomyopia or preventing the deepening of myopia.

Massage Mingyan acupoints


as they get older. It’s easy to be presbyopia. Try the massage of Mingyan point to ensure that you can hear and see. People who can’t work without computers need this recipe! If we often feel eye fatigue, but it is not the time to sleep, then we can use acupoint massage to relieve the symptoms of eye fatigue.


have three adjacent acupoints on our thumb, namely Mingyan, Fengyan and dakonggu.

bright eyes and Phoenix eyes can improve eye fatigue and acute conjunctivitis, and big empty bones can improve all eye symptoms. People whose eyes are easily tired at ordinary times should stimulate these three acupoints twice a day. The stimulation method of


is to clamp the thumb and index finger of the other hand, and use the nail of the thumb to stimulate the Three Acupoints respectively, as long as you press your fingers with the strength of slightly feeling the degree of pain.

this is a simple massage method. It can be operated by yourself at any time during the rest time of work or when waiting for the car. Eye fatigue is often difficult for people to fall asleep. If the above stimulation is given to eliminate eye fatigue, they can fall asleep easily. The above methods can also inhibit senile cataract.

in addition, There is also a prescription: longan meat + longan core (i.e. longan with core) and medlar.

cooking method: the above three flavors are appropriate, add water to make tea, and the longan core does not need to be broken.

taking method: just drink it as ordinary tea, drink it every day, and drink it for at least two months. (if it doesn’t work, you can give it up. If it works and you are not satisfied, you should continue to drink it.)

Efficacy: all eye problems related to abnormal lens of the eye, including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and so on. Key points of


: Longan core must be used. If only longan meat is used, the effect will be halved.

suggestion: please drink after dinner, the effect is the best. (because the disease is on the head, and drinking after dinner will make the drug exert more on the head, which is the purpose of this prescription.)


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