The case of myopia treated by the law of attraction, is 500 degrees OK?

The following is a short-sighted netizen’s question:

“I just came into contact with the law of attraction and saw your blog article to know that there is such a magical power in the universe. What a surprise. I quickly bought a Book of secrets on Amazon. Now I can’t wait to ask you if you can use the law of attraction to treat myopia. Are there any successful cases?

Examples of treating myopia with the law of attraction

For myopia below 400 degrees, you can try this method. I have a good friend who is 400 degrees myopia. She successfully took off her glasses with subconscious energy words and hints. My girlfriend is 350 degrees and doesn’t wear glasses at ordinary times, but I have to wear glasses at night when driving to be safe for myself and others!

Examples of treating myopia with the law of attraction

When you always think about using the law of attraction to treat myopia, you will have the opportunity to help you treat myopia.

Some people say it’s not attractive. But I think you just need to find a feeling, a feeling of comfort. You can hint to yourself that my degree is very low. I can see clearly without glasses. I can’t see clearly now, but it’s blurred for a while. It’ll be better later.

In fact, it’s really easy to restore your eyesight and make your eyes bright. First, remove all kinds of habits that are bad for your eyes. Second, find various methods that are good for your eyes, whether massage, diet therapy or meditation. Use all useful methods to imagine what benefits you will bring if you have bright eyes, There will be an extreme desire in the heart.

Stick to it and stick to it again. This can’t be immediate, because you have a process of exploration and use the law of attraction. What’s the most important is your desire to have something. You must get it. Only in this way can you overcome your intellectual and behavioral barriers and you will really do it. Otherwise, the so-called attraction is not attraction at all.

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