The cause of pathological myopia

Pathological myopia is a disease connected with HLA gene.

Pathological myopia is an autosomal recessive inheritance. Pathological myopia is often seen in high myopia and has a certain relationship with heredity, which is mainly due to chromosome variation.

The cause of pathological myopia

Pathological myopia is a kind of high myopia, which is characterized by excessive growth of the ocular axis, resulting in the injury of the posterior pole of the fundus.

Pathological myopia is very likely to occur (only etiological diagnosis, not physical diagnosis), genetically known as homozygous (i.e. two pathological myopia gene expression chromosome disease), is heterozygote (that is, only one chromosome disease), will occur in the next generation of pathological myopia, the incidence rate is 50%. The other 50 percent are heterozygotes.

How does pathological myopia cause?

  1. Genetic factor: it is the obvious factor of pathological myopia;
  2. Biomechanical factors: another important factor in the etiology of high myopia;
  3. Long time reading and fine eyesight work are one of the important causes of simple myopia, and can also deepen the diopter of pathological myopia.

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