The causes and correction of myopia

Shortsightedness, also known as short-sighted, can only see distant things. So what are the causes of myopia? Are there any correction methods?

Myopia can be generally divided into two categories: one is simple myopia, this kind of people’s far vision is significantly reduced, but near vision is still normal, other eye tissues are also normal. The other is pathological, and their distant vision is reduced, and with the lesion involved in the site, near vision is also reduced in varying degrees. In this regard, the causes of myopia also have different, basically can be divided into two categories: genetic and environmental factors.

1.Genetic factors.

Many parents or one of them is short-sighted, so their children will be basically myopic. Especially in the middle and high myopia group. According to group surveys, the incidence rate of myopia among different ethnic groups has also been greatly different. Among Asians, myopia is more common in China and Japan; in European countries, myopia is more common in Britain and Germany, especially in Jews. At present, genetic factors cannot be changed.

2.Environmental factors.

Environmental pollution, especially air pollution, has a considerable impact on eyesight. Because of its air permeability, the cornea is constantly exchanging gas with the outside world, just like human breathing. And 80% of the oxygen needed by the eye metabolism comes from the air. After the air is polluted, the harmful substances inside will enter the cornea through gas exchange. After a long time, the eyesight of the eyes will be badly affected.

In addition, there are people’s own reasons, engaged in writing, office work, students because of a long time reading or mobile phone computers and other electronic products, the eyes do not get a good rest is very easy to myopia.

There are several correction methods for myopia

1.Wear eyes.

It is recommended to go to the hospital to read the degree of myopia with regular medical ophthalmic equipment, and follow the doctor’s guidance to wear glasses.

2.Laser surgery.

Now many people are reluctant to wear glasses, so laser surgery is a good way. Of course, surgery will have certain sequelae, after full consideration before selection.

3.Do more eye exercises,

let the eyes more rest and relax, can effectively prevent or correct myopia. Not only students in school can do eye exercises, adults can learn as long as they have time.

With the emergence of more and more electronic products and the development of society, many people stay up late to watch mobile phones and play games. In fact, this virtually destroyed their own body. Eyes are the window of the soul. Only by protecting our eyes can we see more beautiful things. Let our eyes rest for a while!

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